The term “alpha” is often used to describe a toxic display of attempted control or manipulation. However, this interpretation of the term couldn’t be further from the actual traits of an alpha. In order to truly embody the essence of the alpha, you must practice emotional intelligence, listen to your intuition, and abandon all self judgment or expectations of control. 

When you recognize that every interaction is an energetic exchange, you can begin to step into your instinctual role as a leader. If you are filled with anxiety and chaotic energy, every being (humans or animals) will instinctively sense your unease. It’s difficult for anyone to follow a leader that is not both present and emotionally aware. But if you take the time to acknowledge your feelings and feel them, you give yourself the ability to lead with the quiet confidence of a true alpha. 

Listening to your intuition is often easier once you step into a higher level of intelligently dealing with emotions. You have cleared the path, so to speak, for your intuition to be heard loud and clear, and more often than not, your intuition will lead you in the right direction. Again, being present will support the hearing and trusting of your intuition. 

The alpha never controls others, but allows everyone to feel safe in their role and inspires action rather than reaction. Leading with a calm confidence is accomplished when you let go of all expectations to control another being and give yourself permission to leave self judgment behind. While these parameters will allow you to embody the essence of an alpha, no two leaders are meant to do things exactly the same. So comparing yourself as a leader to others or judging your abilities to lead will, in fact, inhibit your role as the alpha. Lead with action rather than reaction, and you will give everyone around you permission to trust you and feel at ease. 

Sasha Armstrong, founder and creator of Canine State of Mind, educates dogs and their humans and helps them to build stronger, mutually respectful relationships through body language and energetics. Sasha is an innovator, who optimizes the human-to-canine relationship through her proprietary process which leaves students with a new universal outlook that applies to every relationship they encounter. Sasha serves as a guide and educator, creating a kinder, more intimate, and holistic lifestyle for her clients by helping them embody the essence of an alpha. Through observing wolves and researching the ancestry of the domesticated dog, Sasha discovered her innate ability to both understand their language and create deep connection. Mastering her craft for more than twenty years, Sasha has helped thousands of humans meet the needs of their dogs by bridging the communication gap and uncovering details about both dog and human energies. She helps all ages of two and four legged friends, by opening the door to deeper connection between human and animal. Sasha lives on a 60-acre farm in Northwest Illinois with her family of a pack of six dogs and six horses.