For three consecutive years, White Hall Arts Academy has been awarded “Best Top 3 Music Schools in Los Angeles” by Three Best Rated.  Founded in 2011 by Tanisha Hall, White Hall offers a robust selection of private lessons and group classes, including their popular Music 4LA summer classes, Songwriter Series and more. The academy has been awarded the highly-esteemed Lewis Prize for Music for their exceptional effort to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic and donating instruments to children who could not afford to purchase them, being honored with a grant for $25,000 in 2020. White Hall Arts Academy’s team of instructors teach on average 100 students per week ranging from little kids up the street, to television stars and recording artists such as Sierra Capri, Sanai Victoria, Paloma Ford, Billboard chart-topper Ant Clemons and many more. Her students have appeared on all national talent competitions American Idol, The Voice and America’s Got Talent. Music programs are proven to better the mental health, memory skills, and educational performance of youth.

Founder Tanisha Hall has rapidly progressed from “community hero” to a nationally recognized woman of impact, moving creative culture forward for youth. Her thriving career in entertainment includes work with Warner Bros. Records, Edmonds Entertainment Group and many more. She previously managed special events for Chaka Khan’s non-profit program, the Chaka Khan Believes, and operations for Harris Productions, the in-house production company for Grammy winning musician and record producer Keith Harris (Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey) before devoting her time to the White Hall Arts Academy in 2011. Moreover, this exceptional African-American female entrepreneur is also a proud Foster Parent and advocate for transitional age youth.


Dr. Shellie Hipsky interviewed Tanisha on her work in the arts during the pandemic for Inspiring Lives Magazine.


  1. SHELLIE: Why are the teaching and performing of the arts so vital especially during difficult times?


TANISHA: Teaching and performing the arts is really vital during difficult times because when people are low, they reach for a creative outlet. During this pandemic, we have all been stifled in our homes with limited access to others. Some are completely isolated. Having the ability to take a Zoom class and learn music, poetry, cooking, dancing, drawing etc., can be a lifeline.


  1. SHELLIE:  What or whom inspires you as an artist and educator?


TANISHA: I am inspired every day by my students who face adversity and still find a way to practice, perform, or in some way accomplish their goals. Some don’t have the best home environment, some have a loving home but not enough money, some have all the money but no support. No matter what the challenge, I am so inspired by those who surpass all of the obstacles and reach their finish line.


  1. SHELLIE: How can the Global Sisterhood and the world help support the arts?


TANISHA: The best way to support the arts is by donating to a local arts organization. Every city and town has a music or dance school, youth organization, even orchestra that is underfunded. Trust me, we are ALL underfunded no matter what the budget because even if you have $50,000,000 you’re going to need $51,000,000 to fund a program or meet some goal. Other ways you can support is by being an active participant in the arts community wherever you are. Go to performances, buy season tickets, go to local school performances and recitals. Lastly, if you have time, volunteer. Organizations are always in need of an extra pair of hands. Volunteers help alleviate the pressure on staff and can also bring amazing ideas.


Thank you to Tanisha Hall and the other leaders in community service and the arts for the hard work and dedication!


Dr. Shellie Hipsky is the CEO of Inspiring Lives International, the President of the non-profit 501(c)(3) the Global Sisterhood, and the Editor-In-Chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine. She was deemed “Inspirational Woman of the Month” in Inspirational Woman Magazine and a “Luminary Author” for Inspire Me Today. She earned "Woman of Achievement," “Entrepreneur of the Year in Inspiration and Empowerment,” and “VIP Woman of the Year” and was also a 2015 National Professional Woman’s Association’s “Woman of the Year” and the "2013 Best Business Woman in Pittsburgh” by the Women’s Small Business Association. A former professor of the Global Perspective at the Ph.D. Level for over a decade, she is a proven expert on what she teaches and keynotes events around the globe. Her internationally best-selling Common Threads trilogy provides Inspiration, Empowerment, and Balance based on 100 amazing interviews from her Empowering Women Radio. Dr. Shellie’s latest book, illustrated by her 10-year-old daughter Alyssa, is Hopping off on a Business Trip: the first in her The World is Ours series for children. She is currently writing her 12th book, Woo Hoo! Brand You! through Morgan James Publishing. Dr. Shellie continues to share quality time with her family while helping to inspire the world!