T.I.M.E (Together in Musical Expression) is an Essex based charity on a mission to bring music to everyone! 

Founded by Marc Barnacle, the organization operates under one unifying philosophy, that everyone has their own unique stamp to leave on the music world – no matter their age, background, or ability. 

T.I.M.E host a range of music-based workshop/projects exercises including therapeutic and sensory based relaxation sessions, songwriting workshops, instrument tuition and broader workshops that has seen attendees develop musical skills, confidence, and motor and speech development. 

Headed by founder Marc Barnacle, Mike Barnes, and Rob Fillary, the charity’s team has its roots firmly in the world of music and community outreach. Continuing this work has seen T.I.M.E use music to assist in the SEN and Mainstream education sectors,care homes, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and mental health aid. 

“We regularly meet individuals who are non-verbal, or struggle to communicate their feelings to friends and family. But once an instrument is placed in front of them, they suddenly acquire a whole range of moods and emotions to share with the world. It’s this ability to communicate and express, which music enables, that excites us, provides that elating feeling, and drives us forward.“

Last year, T.I.M.E paired with revolutionary audio-visual artists Strange Pill to create a pop-up space that invited members of the community to create their own music to be put online in an interactive exhibition – The Basildon Audio Visual Music Machine (Open Labs 2021). The project was commissioned by Basildon Creative People and Places, and funded and sponsored by Arts Council England, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon Borough Council, Basildon Town Square, and Orwell Real Estate.

The Basildon Anthem – T.I.M.E & Strange Pill (Open Labs 2021)


T.I.M.E and Strange Pill are now working on a new global exhibition with a permanent online installation that will allow users to curate their own musical loops made by those the charity has worked with.

Several of these experiences will be posted online to inspire all from across the world to get involved with music and realize their potential! A crucial mix of accessibility, presentation, user friendliness, and creative engagement will invite audiences of all abilities to interact and create their own musical fusions.

The project follows Strange Pill’s previous work with the likes of Arts Council England, Irene Taylor Trust, New York Philharmonic, Bhavan Indian Cultural Centre, and Chinese Music Ensemble. Their work has been exhibited across the Barbican Centre, Kinetica Museum, York Art Gallery, Athens Digital Arts Festival, and they have gives talks at London City University, CultureTech, and MusicTechFest. 

This unique partnership brings together cutting-edge technology with the steadfast belief that music is for all! Making it easier than ever to get involved, T.I.M.E and Strange Pill are bringing the joy of musical expression to the worldwide stage. Give it a go!


Non-Linear Palette 1 – http://itt.musicjelly.com/beta_player/?jm=1

Non-Linear Palette 2 – http://itt.musicjelly.com/beta_player/?jm=2

Linear Palette – https://ivm.musicjelly.com/watch/strange-pill/basildon-anthem


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T.I.M.E. is an Essex based music service, with a concept that allows participants of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, the opportunity to express and experiment, for their own benefit, within a musical environment. Having worked in the education (SEN and Mainstream), care, drug & alcohol rehabilitation, mental health and respite sectors, TIME has become an ever growing and expanding business concept – with no limitations and is available for all. TIME offer therapeutic and sensory based relaxation sessions, Songwriting workshops, instrument tuition and broader workshops, covering forms of rhythm building, communication through music, motor skill and speech development, alongside a variety of creative and musical expression practices No matter what age, background or ability, TIME acknowledge that everyone has the opportunity to produce their own, unique stamp on the musical world. No boundaries are set. No musical experience necessary.