I believe that women have so much to contribute to the world at any age – but particularly women in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond. 

This is our season of life to be highly intentional, embrace our gifts and share the wisdom garnered from our joy and hard won battles. We are in the rebirth stage of our Heroin’s journey. 

You are poised to bring a wealth of experience, compassion, insight and vision. Your unique wisdom can affect humanity, climate change, social and racial injustice, and other inequities of the world.  

When women choose to view this chapter of their life as the opportunity to be sovereign to themselves, answer their own soulful call, and create meaningful change in the world…our world will look and feel very different. 

And you too, will feel different.

While I encourage women in their 50’s & 60’s to embrace empowered action during this stage of life, like writing books, starting businesses and non-profits… Many women I encounter in my work as a Life Coach still feel paralyzed and trapped from the deep rooted messages from our social conditioning.

Be a good girl. Don’t rock the boat. Who do you think you are? Stay in your lane! And most specifically….Women of a certain age are supposed to fade into the background of life.

As a fierce advocate for women’s potential and a Woman who just turned 60, I’m saying NO to fading into the background of life!

Our 60’s are just the beginning.

This year I’ve learned what it means to be smoking at sixty. And I know that you can feel this way too… at any age! But you must be willing to do the inner work that removes these limiting labels and beliefs about who you are and what you can become.

What it means to be Smokin’ at Sixty or any age….

S – Be Sovereign unto yourself. Cherish yourself and your journey. Source your self- esteem, value, wisdom and validation from self!

M – You Matter! You are worthy of taking up space. Make your knowledge known. You’re unapologetically you when you’re in your greatness.

O – Open! You are open to opportunity, possibility and change. You are wise but forever learning, growing and evolving. You’re not too old, you’re just beginning!

K– Knowing. You possess great inner knowing and knowledge. You own and embrace both aspects and share this with those who need it most.

I – Inspired. You choose to surround yourself by those who inspire you. You know that feeling and being inspired keeps you feeling alive and purposeful every day.

N– Needed. You source your relevancy based on where the gifts you possess are needed most. You defy and dispel the current societal myths that women of a ‘certain age’ no longer have value and should fade away.

This next phase of life for Women, like all phases, needs to be empowered by choice. To engage with life on your terms and make useful contributions in a way that lights you up, is how you fulfill your destiny and leave the legacy you were born to do.

Are you ready to create a life on your terms?

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Melanie Fitzpatrick | Speaker | Author | Coach As an Empowerment Leader for Women & Transformation Life Coach, Melanie guides Women to claim their personal power and brilliance at any age! She specializes in helping women in their 4th, 5th, 6th decade step out confidently in life and their business. Ultimately creating meaningful and aligned choices for their idea of success. She does this in her private and group Coaching, Workshops and Women’s Entrepreneur Group. She passionately uses her gifts and training in the areas of Personal Development, Feminine Leadership, Coaching, Facilitation and business acumen, to lead Women to impactful futures. Melanie is the Founder of Live in YOUR Truth ™ Wise Women Rising, Out of the BOX Living and Smokin@Sixty. East End Entrepreneurs a Membership based Women’s Success Group. Ready to become the Woman you are truly meant to be? Connect with Melanie for a Free Discovery Call. Let’s explore the possibilities together. Your genius awaits! Melanie is a co-author contributor to WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR Extraordinaire, and is currently completing her first full length book; Discover Awaken Rise A Woman’s Guide to Igniting her Truth and living her best life. Melanie resides in Pittsburgh, PA and can be reached at: msfitzpatrick54@gmail.com or 412.736.6067