I always say that learning how to coach is not something you do, it’s someone you become.  A common misperception in the coaching industry is that a coach is going to give you really great advice on how to live your life.  That could not be further from the truth.  A coach is trained to hold pure and sacred space for another’s deepest wisdom and truth to arrive in conversation.  Because after all, that is the most transformative kind of advice there is, the one that comes from within.  

Here are two of the most important coaching skills that you can begin implementing right away with those you love and serve:

The first is the ability to authentically listen.  Our brains are wired to filter people’s words through our own past experience.  This creates a lens on how we view and hear other people. Think about the last time that you confided in someone. Chances are they jumped to advice, or perhaps told you a story about a similar experience they had. While it can be helpful to hear someone else’s perspective or feel that you aren’t alone in your experience, it’s not always the most effective or honoring way to be of service.  

We are each as unique as a thumbprint with different lived experiences, histories, cultural influences, perceptions, and views.  A skilled coach will trust that, just like them, others have an internal wisdom within that is far more powerful than any advice they could give. They will use their authentic listening skills to draw that deeper knowing forward.

The second coaching skill is the art of asking powerful questions.  Powerful questions are typically questions that a person cannot answer with a yes or no and typically start with why, how, what, or who.  They are evocative in nature and require the person you are holding space for to go deeper within themselves to generate an answer.  It invites them to move beyond their current paradigm of thinking and into new possibilities and perspectives.  

For example:  Do you have another option?  Versus:  What other options are there?  The person could answer the first question with a simple yes or no, whereas the second question requires them to brainstorm and explore all their possible options forward. 

Holding space for another requires you to drop your agenda or attachment to a particular outcome, and instead, hold them as whole, capable, resourceful, and creative.  All of their answers, wisdom, higher perspectives, and next best steps lie within, waiting to be unearthed and expressed.  This is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you could give to those you love and serve, creating waves of change that will be felt for generations to come.

Taryn Watts, a Master Certified Coach and Founder of the Mind Rebel™ Academy, trains and supports world-class coaches around the globe, helping them to step into their life’s work. She is the creator of the revolutionary Mind Rebel™ Method, a simple yet powerful self-discovery framework that is transforming the way people coach, lead, and connect internationally. With Taryn, coaching isn’t about giving advice; it’s about helping others find their deepest truth within themselves. Through her method, she invites people to break out of subconscious imposter syndrome by bringing awareness and healing to the rebel mind, providing the path to confidently step into their dreams and goals with purpose. After over a decade of coaching experience, she is now training coaches to the highest standard in the industry, reinstating integrity and credibility into the profession. She inspires her students and alumni to use their coaching skills to impact those they love and serve, creating a ripple effect that will be felt for generations to come. With philanthropic themes interwoven throughout her work, including expanding accessibility of the coaching industry to marginalized groups and instating Coaching with a Cause where coaches provide a one-hour coaching session in exchange for a donation to the client’s charity of choice, Taryn’s work is heart and soul-centered. Taryn holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is trained as a Master Certified Coach accredited by the ICF, winning the Top Life Coach in Faces Magazine in 2019. She’s an empire builder and a homemaker, married with two young children, and deeply rooted in family priorities. Although Taryn leads a busy life, she makes time to read, cook, journal, practice yoga, and connect with soul sisters.