Rock the Stage Media was created by a dominate personality in the world of various media platforms. Rich Bontrager (also known as Trigger), is succeeding at epic levels as a CEO of Rock the Stage Media, television host, and a virtual stage emcee and coach. Bontrager also was previously a talented Sports Announcer at 103Q.

Life was not always this way for Bontrager, since he had to overcome a difficult speech impediment. This instigated peers toward bulling Bontrager, as they tried to deplete his self-confidence. Such hurtful sentiments drove Bontrager to become fearful of speaking out loud. He did however have a loving advocate in his father, who made sure Bontrager’s teachers were aware of his intelligence. 

Other life hardships were presented to Bontrager along his path in pursuing a desirable career, where he could focus on helping others. One particular obstacle arose in 2017, when a life altering situation transpired. A liver transplant was a necessary procedure that Bontrager had to endure, which spiraled into having to take a, “3-year hiatus,” stated Bontrager. During that time, necessary healing took place, and Bontrager obtained the ability to regain focus.

When Covid-19 came onto the scene as a threatening full on global pandemic, Bontrager shifted his thought process, and developed a strategy to lunge toward success through his How to Rock The Virtual Stage coaching program. Bontrager is a coach for speakers through hybrid, virtual and stage. “The virtual stage has never gone away,” stated Bontrager. Succumbing to difficult times is not in the nature of Bontrager. His determination to assist others is his utmost priority.

When discussing the motivation that guides him in his life calling, Bontrager states, “I have a servants heart, to make you the star of every show.” This statement alone puts emphasis on Bontrager’s philosophy to see greatness elevate in the lives of those who seek it. It is not conducive to the success of Bontrager to focus on impediments, but rather to change the course of his life by realizing the potential for effective change.

As Bontrager strives to better himself through multiple experiences, he wants to convey the message that, “God does not make junk, I believe he wanted me to use my voice.” These are well received words, as Bontrager was a dedicated Pastor for 25 years. 

When one hits the stage, the environment can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating. For Bontrager, embracing the opportunity to educate his audience with thought provoking concepts is a true calling. The pure mind power it takes to move past a speech impediment, and thrive as a motivational speaker, is an accomplishment that gives hope.

Bontrager offers some intriguing advice for seasoned speakers, and for those who aspire to become a recognized expert in their fields through speaking engagements. Own your speech, you are a thought leader. Beauty shines within, and comes to the outside. Don’t hold back emotional pieces. An additional tip given by Bontrager, is to keep in mind that we live in a media centric world. Heeding his advice, “to have a media kit ready to go,” would be a great asset in leading toward a successful career. Professional headshots are a great addition to have on hand for your own media kit. According to, “a media kit is sent to people you are planning to work with.”

Bontrager states that it is important to remember that when you have a business, or are offering services of any kind that, “you are the brand.” This will help set you apart, as each person has a unique gift and skill set to present. “ No matter what, have fun, people need to know you enjoy what you are doing,” stated Bontrager. Allowing yourself to share the best parts of what you do with others, and how doing those things can benefit them, is a great way to peak interest in the promotion of your services.

Another valuable component to incorporate in your media kit is to reveal what services or programs you offer, and the accurate pricing of those services. For Bontrager, his expertise provides invaluable assistance and information to his clients, and he wants to help as many people reach their full potential as possible. For individual sessions with Bontrager it costs $300 per hour. He also provides virtual and group pricing. When understanding his immense knowledge base, and his professionalism, this pricing is a bargain for those seeking to level up with their brands. 

There is much to be excited about for Bontrager in current times, and in the future. He lends his vital career guidance and tips through his How To Rock The Stage Show. Multiple topics are covered, such as voice training, interviewing skills, and on camera tips. If you are someone who would love to learn more about the results you can receive by obtaining coaching services from Bontrager, please feel free to visit the following:


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