It all started with the words,”You are so fat”. I was only 13 years old and I had no sense of direction. I was still trying to navigate my way through this world of chaos. I was attempting so hard to fit in and be accepted. All I knew was that these three words rung in my ears and shook me to my core. So the cycle of starvation began with curbing my meals and then with purging on a daily basis. The cycle was a process that lead me down a future of unknown pitfalls. I had no idea how the next 25 years would change my whole mind set. Bulimia took me to places I never knew existed, an illness that no one spoke about. It took me to a depth of despair no one can explain, all for the need for acceptance and some sort of self-love. I could not explain the level of imperfection that I saw in my body, mind and soul.

I was a young girl looking for something to heal me and yet what I was about to do was nothing but hurting me in return. So as my story unfolds let me make this clear now.This is a story of triumph and success. The light at the end of the tunnel will emerge brighter than ever before. It’s a story of overwhelming success in one’s self and how to never lose sight of your destiny and dreams. So as I let you into my most disabling moments, please know this story ends well.

As I grew up I married extremely young, I then divorced. I was involved in many toxic relationships, I was broken hearted by many people who never were able to understand my illness, rigid ways, and my exercise routines from hell. 

I always knew I could fall back on my Bulimia as my disease of choice. It allowed me control where I had none. In the meantime, my body and mind were being taken advantage of by this disorder. The need to be the perfect size, shape somehow made me feel accepted. My health was deteriorating at every episode that occurred.

Fast forward to current day. I was involved in a life changing car accident in 2018 with a drunk driver. My car was totaled and I was at a crossroads on dealing with my health. I was ordered to stay our of the gym for one solid year. This car accident caused blunt force trauma, internal bleeding and several slip disks. This entire year was a learning experience. It was during these pivotal moments I decided to face my demons and regain control of my life. I studied and became a life health coach. I’m also a motivational speaker and author. I decided mentally I was ready to love myself the right way. This wasn’t easy but it took all of me to get myself back on track to better living. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. My book entitled SHAMELESS will be released spring of 2022. I am proud to be a woman that has survived obstacles that became opportunities!  

I’m Laura E. Flores a Certified Life Health Coach, Author of SHAMELESS, motivational speaker and fitness model. I am a proud mother of 3 boys, 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren. I believe obstacles are opportunities to prove success can be achieved.