April 30, 2020, Blume Honey Water™, a Pittsburgh-based specialty beverage company, announced today that it has donated and delivered 10,000 bottles of its light and refreshing honey waters to Pittsburgh Emergency Medical Services, as well as to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Allegheny Health Network hospitals to show the Company’s appreciation for the contributions made by front-line personnel and first responders in the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic. The Company said all the waters have been delivered.

Blume Honey Water produces healthy hydrating waters that are not only good for consumers but promote efforts to maintain healthy bee populations for pollination through their work with local beekeepers and their Beeless Beekeeping™ programs.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Michele Meloy Burchfield, said: “We wanted to do our small part to honor western Pennsylvania’s incredible front-line workers and first responders who are valiantly doing everything they can to keep us all safe and healthy.  We hope we can bring a little joy, refreshment and spikeless energy to them.”


Jonathan Dalbey, EMS Specialist for Presbyterian Hospital said: “Thank you so much for thinking of our frontline EMS professionals at this time by donating Blume Honey Water.  This is the perfect refreshing drink to rehydrate with after responding to EMS calls.  We greatly appreciate it!”


About Blume Honey Water: Blume Honey Water is distributed in 17 states and the District of Columbia mostly in the eastern half of the United States. Retailers include Whole Foods, Giant Eagle, Heinen’s and The Fresh Market. The honey waters are produced in three light and playful flavors — Vanilla Citrus, Wild Blueberry and Ginger Zest. Each bottle contains 100% bee-friendly honey. The Company is committed to only using responsibly sourced honey from the most compassionate, humane beekeepers. Moreover, it offers bee education in almost everything they do. In recent years a variety of hazards have been claiming the lives of bees in record numbers. Blume’s mission is to help raise awareness about Honey Bees through the Company’s pop-up apiary program, working with local beekeepers, and by offering bee facts and more through their communication channels. Additional information on Blume Honey Water may be found at www.blumehoneywater.com, and on: Facebook Blume Honey Water, Twitter @BlumeHoneyWtr on Instagram @Blume_HoneyWater.