On  April 20, 2023, The TLOD Pittsburgh Steel City Chapter supported the 75th Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Second District Conference held in Pittsburgh, PA, by attending their Public Forum entitled “Black Men Changing the Narrative and Trajectory for Black Youth.”

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Three women who are passionate about community service have  announced the formation of the Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc., Pittsburgh Steel City Chapter.  Crystal McCormick, Bridgette N. Cofield, and Dr. Monica D. Lamar recognized the need for a  TLOD chapter in Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities and took the initiative to form the  first chapter of TLOD in Western Pennsylvania. 

Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated (TLOD) is a nonprofit professional humanitarian  organization organized in Tyler Texas, in 1964, with the purpose of marshaling the talents,  energies, and skills of women nationally in a collaborative effort to help alleviate the moral and  social problems confronting youth in the mid-sixties. Since its inception, the organization has  expanded its objective to include its focus on youth (known as Top Teens of America), improving  the Status of Women, service to Senior Citizens, Community Beautification, and Community  Partnerships.  

On April 16, 2023, Pittsburgh Steel City chapter of TLOD, Inc. participated in the annual Western & Central PA March for Babies Walk.

The 100+ chapters nationwide support the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), the  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the United Negro College  Fund (UNCF), Sickle Cell Disease Awareness (SCDA), and the awarding of national scholarships  to Top Teens located in each of TLOD’s six geographic areas. In addition, TLOD has been a long standing partner with the March of Dimes and recently became a partner with St. Jude Children’s  Research Hospital. Ongoing programs and projects are important to the fulfillment of TLOD’s  mission. 

Crystal McCormick, Inaugural Chief Diversity Officer, and Senior Advisor to the President for  DEI at Duquesne University; Bridgette N. Cofield, J.D., Chief of Staff to the President & Secretary  to the Board of Carlow University; and Dr. Monica D. Lamar, Assistant Superintendent of  Pittsburgh Public Schools, have joined forces to make a positive change where it is needed most.  They will be leading the Pittsburgh Steel City Chapter to promote the ideals of TLOD, which  include community service, leadership, and friendship. 

An internationally known and respected public service organization, TLOD comprises six  geographical regions. The Area V region includes the states of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky,  Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. There are currently 10 chapters with nearly 400 Top  Ladies and Top Teen members in Area V. 

The National Area V Director of Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated, Lady Marsha Wells, and  all the members of Area V were eagerly awaiting to conduct the Induction and Chartering  ceremony for the Pittsburgh Steel City Chapter on March 30, 2023, at the 48th Annual Area V  Leadership Conference in Detroit, Michigan. “In recent years, Area V has experienced impressive  growth that speaks to the diligent efforts and commitment of our members. We are delighted to  see the meaningful impact we’ve had on the communities we serve and remain dedicated to making  a positive difference in the lives of those around us. With the addition of the Pittsburgh Steel City  Chapter, we look forward to extending our TLOD family and continuing our efforts to serve the  community,” says Lady Wells. 

The Induction and Chartering ceremony for the Pittsburgh Steel City Chapter on March 30, 2023, at the 48th Annual Area-V Leadership Conference in Detroit, Michigan.

“We are thrilled to be launching the Pittsburgh Steel City Chapter of Top Ladies of Distinction,  Inc.,” said Crystal McCormick. “We believe that our chapter will make a significant impact on the  communities we serve, and we are excited to work with our members to make positive change  happen.” Bridgette Cofield added, “Our chapter will provide a platform for women to use their  skills and talents to make a difference in the lives of others. We are committed to working together  to address the needs of our community and make a positive impact.” Dr. Monica Lamar said, “We  are honored to be the first chapter of TLOD in Western Pennsylvania. We look forward to  partnering with other organizations and individuals to serve our community and promote the ideals  of TLOD.” The Pittsburgh Steel City TLOD Chapter will include 19 charter members who share  the ideals of TLOD and who are committed to its mission.  

Sabrina Saunders Mosby currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer for Vibrant Pittsburgh, a premier economic development organization working with the business community to cultivate a diverse regional workforce. Sabrina has a broad background of executive leadership experience with a variety of nonprofit organizations and government offices. She is deeply involved in public service, serving on numerous boards and in a variety of leadership roles, including as a chartering member and Treasurer of the Pittsburgh Steel City Chapter of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc.