After facing a personal setback (such as a di­vorce), it is easy to lose confidence in your­self. When you start analyzing the situation and trying to figure out what went wrong, it can be exhausting. Many people start to think “what if” …What if I would have done this differently or what if…STOP! You can’t change the past. However, you can learn from the past and decide what you want your future to be. First, you must decide to commit to your­self. Say “I Do”! It starts with your mindset.

Let’s start with a positive attitude. After you have taken a moment to grieve your situation, you must pick up the pieces and put yourself back together. Start by saying “I do” believe in myself. “I do” believe that I can start rebuilding my life one day at a time. Things in life may have happened that did not go as planned. The path you started with may have taken a detour. How­ever, detours may lead to an even better journey. “I do” believe I can find something that I’m passionate about and spend my energy making a difference in the world. Life will be different from what it was before, but change can be good. I will not let the fear of change scare me! I will let the adrenaline fuel my passion and move forward. From this moment, I will commit to myself and become a better me.

I’ve watched many successful women overcome hard­ships and become outstanding leaders. We have all had moments when life didn’t go as planned. However, how you deal with your life detour can determine what your future path will be.

“I do” believe that everyone has the ability to make a positive impact on the world. Whether you are starting your own cause or joining forces with others who share your passion on a particular issue, you can make a dif­ference. “I do” believe that good people help inspire and support other people in their missions. Together we can make a difference.

Successful leaders often find that their journey did not start with a fairytale story. However, the obstacles and challenges that they overcame made their desire to make a difference even stronger.

So if you are faced with a setback, remember: don’t be afraid to say “I do” again.

Dr. Michele Langbein is the founder of Leaders Empower Lives. She completed the Robert Morris University doctoral program in Instructional Management and Leadership and is applying what she learned in the Ph.D. program to the book that she is currently writing.

Michele Langbein, Ph.D., is a tenured full-time associate professor in the School of Business at Point Park University. Prior to this position, she was director of the Accelerated Undergraduate Business program at Point Park for six years, ending in Summer 2012 so that she could focus more on research and teaching. As the director, Langbein was responsible for program reviews/strategic planning, recruiting new faculty, supervising adjunct faculty, student advising, reviewing policies and procedures, handing student issues, and reviewing course syllabi for compliance. She is a member of several committees at Point Park including leadership, curriculum, strategic planning, outcomes assessment, and chair of search committee. Langbein currently teaches a variety of business classes including Quantitative Methods, Ethics, Organizational Behavior, Finance, and Leadership.