Stop trying to fit into spaces and plac­es too small for your greatness. Your playing small is not serving you. It’s time to get onto the stage of life, pull back the curtain, and show the world what you are made of. If you have been hiding and shrinking, you are giving your power away, the power that is available to create the kind of life you are dreaming of. We have all been blessed with the innate ability to dream big. We often let fears and doubts get in the way of accomplishing whatever we are dreaming about. We each possess unique talents and gifts that, when tapped into, be­come the source for which we need to make our dreams come true.

There are so many ways to expand your greatness and express what you are good at. Often you can become an expert at your passion in a field or area or industry waiting for a new-comer like you. You could be just the person with a fresh approach that others are looking for. You might be the neophyte who has a unique idea or different way of doing things that changes the way an entire industry functions. It’s time to stop hiding, and play all out, and unleash your passions.

The world needs that special thing that you have, that could be the catalyst for bettering the lives of others. You don’t have to be Mother Teresa, Gandhi, or the next best-selling author. Really impacting other people’s lives is about choosing to be more, choosing to have more, and choosing to do more for those you serve.

Helen Keller lost her hearing and sight as a toddler after becoming ill, the most un-unimaginable situation for a child and a family. As we all know, she became a great woman, a world-renowned author, speaker, and social activists in spite of her blindness and being deaf. What’s stopping you?

We often use any excuse to stop us, some of them so lame and ridiculous. We forget just how fortunate we really are, and yet we are quick to worry and complain and be held back by the smallest things. It is said that Helen Keller not only accomplished those great things in spite of her handicap because she was focused on “a great worthy purpose”. In other words, she made her mission all about serving others, and her purpose drove her past her limitations. I want you to know just how blessed you really are. You likely face lesser challenges than Helen Keller, and look at what she achieved with one passion, one mission, when she stopped trying to fit into spaces and places that were too small for her greatness.

Excerpts taken in part from Hustle! Why Now is the Time to Unleash your Passions 2015 Ellechor Media, LLC Publishing

Darieth Chisolm is a visibility and media mogul specialist who coaches women to become confident and outrageously successful, conveying their brand, message, and mission to the world through various online media platforms.

Darieth is an Emmy Award-winning television personality, former NBC news anchor, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business coach who is also a Top 10 Trailblazer in Communications by Walker’s Legacy and a top video podcast show host for Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm. Hustle & Heart TV was a top 10 finalist for the 2015 Podcast Awards for Best Video Podcast and was ranked #1 on iTunes for over two months with subscribers and viewers in several different countries.

Darieth Chisolm is a visibility and multi-media strategist who coaches women to become confident and outrageously successful. She is also a cyber harassment activist through her organization 50 Shades of Silence.