Affirmations have been a powerful saving grace in my life. They have helped me powerfully manifest the life that I am living today. Affirmations supported me in the darkest moments of my life from a near-death experience to working on past trauma. Affirmations made me realize how strong I am and helped me to make a commitment to myself to never give up on myself no matter the challenges that I face in life. 

Despite your struggles or anything you may have experienced, I implore you to practice repeating affirmations. It will be a game-changer that shifts your entire mind, heart, body, and spirit. It brings strength, healing, inner peace, and true harmony to your being where you are no longer holding onto fear, guilt, shame, or past mistakes. Affirmations serve as a gift that you give to yourself in the most loving and nurturing way that helps you strongly believe that you can be and do anything you want.

Whether you are leading a business or home (or both), every day will not be perfect as life unexpectedly throws a few monkey wrenches. Some of us go straight into panic and create unnecessary anxiety for ourselves because it is what we have become accustomed to. However, what if there was a better way to deal with stress simply by affirming? Affirming that you are surrendering to your power and greatness within instead of focusing on negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors of not feeling good enough. What would it feel like to affirm that challenges are temporary and there is a lesson to learn from each struggle? If you could manifest tools and wisdom you can use moving forward? Affirmations can create an opportunity for you to take back your permission and power that you have given to people and situations.

I know you have heard the saying that words are powerful; that is true to form in every aspect. Your words are extremely powerful and should be used in the most positive and loving way. Your words manifest what you are saying and feeling. They bring it to fruition whether they are positive or negative. You control and create the outcome of your life with your words, thoughts, and actions which can manifest a joyful or painful experience just by speaking and expressing how and what you feel. Affirmations make life so much easier by helping you manifest a better outcome. They give you an opportunity to come from a space of authenticity and honesty, instead of fear, anger, and hurt. 

Just by speaking affirmations out loud with passion and respect, you can manifest limitless never-ending magic because YOU are limitless! 


Phoenix Gibbs gift is to share her life story and experiences to spread love, compassion, and inspiration with humanity through her YouTube Channel, Heart 2 Heart Inspiration Sessions, Spiritual Wellness Products, and Newly Published Affirmation Book. Phoenix's life story is real, raw, honest, transparent, and uncut so that beautiful souls of this world can get inspired to accept and embrace everything about themselves and honor their perfectly imperfect selves. Her mission to motivate humanity to gain strength and confidence to become their authentic self to be free fall into the world without anymore guilt, shame or regrets. "You only have one life so give it your all no matter the challenges and struggles. Turn those adversities into triumphs because you were born for purpose and the world is patiently waiting for what you have to offer. Make a commitment to yourself to show up!!"