Dr. Shellie: What inspires you?
Wang: Everything in life inspires me. A beautiful flower, a touching song, interesting art work, even natural scenery. Fashion design is art. It does not come from rules; it comes from your heart. Life is full of surprises, so is design. I don’t limit myself when it comes to design. I let my feelings and my love lead me and put the surprises and love into my designs. For example, when I first went to Cannes, France, last year, I fell in love with that city instantly and developed a new collection called “Romance and Love” just for when I returned to Cannes this year for my fashion show. If everyone can relate my design to some beautiful moments of their lives, that will be my award!

Dr. Shellie: Why red?
Wang: My red line is one of the most important collections I ever created. Red is the most powerful color. It represents love, passion, and hope. In Chinese culture, it also means good luck and fortune. It brings positive energy to you and the people around you. I love red, and I want to use red to create synergy between western culture and eastern culture, to connect the world in my own way with beauty and confidence.

Dr. Shellie: What are you most proud of in your career? In your personal life?
Wang: Career-wise, my biggest accomplishment is to thrive and become a fashion designer for the global celebrity community even without formal training in fashion. No matter what I did before I finally became a fashion designer, I never gave up my childhood dream. I kept my passion and practiced to finally reach my goal. I am very fortunate to get to do something I really love and enjoy.

In my personal life, I am very proud that I can live the way I want. I don’t like to be woken up by an alarm clock in the morning for work. I overcame all the difficulties and became a fashion designer! I think it’s really exciting to live the fullness of one’s life. In front of challenges, I don’t sit and complain. I get up and do things to lead me toward my dream.

Dr. Shellie: You designed the beautiful red satin suit for me for the cover of the 11th issue of Inspiring Lives Magazine. As a female designer, what does it mean to you to be designing for “The magazine for Empowering Women”?

Wang: It’s an honor to design for such an extraordinary woman like you and for the cover of such an inspiring magazine! I felt special when I was doing the design. It was very different from any other designs I have done. It felt like I was not just designing a red suit, but a claim of our existence as strong women. I fell in love with Inspiring Lives Magazine because I also love empowering women to look beautiful, feel confident, and live a better life via my designs! When we inspire each other, the world becomes more beautiful.

Dr. Shellie: How does your Chinese culture play a role in your designs?
Wang: Chinese culture helped me build a good foundation for my fashion sense. When I was a child, I loved to draw. I drew a lot of women in pretty ancient Chinese dresses. I loved the richness and bold color in ancient Chinese fashion, which also inspires my design today. After I came to the western world, I learned more about modern fashion. One of my favorite collections is called “When East Meets West,” where I combine the most extraordinary parts of fashion from both sides to create something new. The purpose of fashion is to inherit, transform, and create.

Dr. Shellie: What would you say to encourage aspiring designers and women with big dreams?
Wang: Nothing is impossible! Take action to get yourself closer to your dream step by step. I found my slogan from my very own experience. I never gave up my fashion dream, and I succeeded! If I can do it, a lot of people can do it! Everything is possible!

Dr. Shellie Hipsky is the CEO of Inspiring Lives International, the President of the non-profit 501(c)(3) the Global Sisterhood, and the Editor-In-Chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine. She was deemed “Inspirational Woman of the Month” in Inspirational Woman Magazine and a “Luminary Author” for Inspire Me Today. She earned "Woman of Achievement," “Entrepreneur of the Year in Inspiration and Empowerment,” and “VIP Woman of the Year” and was also a 2015 National Professional Woman’s Association’s “Woman of the Year” and the "2013 Best Business Woman in Pittsburgh” by the Women’s Small Business Association. A former professor of the Global Perspective at the Ph.D. Level for over a decade, she is a proven expert on what she teaches and keynotes events around the globe. Her internationally best-selling Common Threads trilogy provides Inspiration, Empowerment, and Balance based on 100 amazing interviews from her Empowering Women Radio. Dr. Shellie’s latest book, illustrated by her 10-year-old daughter Alyssa, is Hopping off on a Business Trip: the first in her The World is Ours series for children. She is currently writing her 12th book, Woo Hoo! Brand You! through Morgan James Publishing. Dr. Shellie continues to share quality time with her family while helping to inspire the world!