ARIES (first sign) referred to as “The Infant” keywords “I Am”
An infant is innocent, and needs to learn that having truthful love gives them the ability to trust and live their truth.

TAURUS (second sign) referred to as “The Baby” keywords “I Have”
A baby is naturally needy and self-absorbed, yet has to learn that love is forgiveness.

GEMINI (third sign) referred to as “The Child” keywords “I Think”
A child needs awareness and needs to learn that love includes feelings.

CANCER (fourth sign) referred to as “The Adolescent” keywords “I feel”
An adolescent is devoted, yet needs to learn that love is not about possessions, and not about hindering their need for freedom.

LEO (fifth sign) referred to as “The Teenager” keywords “I Will”
A teenager is willful and needs to learn that love can be heartwarming, which includes humility.

VIRGO (sixth sign) referred to as “The Adult” keywords “I Analyze”
An adult can be too analytical, and needs to learn that truthful love should not take so much work.

LIBRA (seventh sign) keywords “I Balance”.
Needs to learn that love is beauty – not control, – it’s harmony.

SCORPIO (eighth sign) referred to as “Sexy” keywords “I Want.”
Needs to learn that love is passion, which includes surrender.

SAGITTARIUS (ninth sign) keywords “I See”
Needs to learn that love is honesty and loyalty.

CAPRICORN (tenth sign) keywords “I Use”
Needs to learn that love is wisdom and unselfish.

AQUARIUS (eleventh sign) referred to as “Idealistic” keywords “I know”
Needs to understand that love is acceptance, and that a relationship includes two people.

PISCES (twelfth sign) referred to as submissive keywords “I believe”
Needs to know that love is compassion, and that love is what they truly need.

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