Eccentric, theatrical, one who thrives … these are all characteristics exhibited by Mary Grace Nichol! She has proven to have such remarkable strength and she achieved so much in her creative endeavors. These include teaching art, and bringing glamour to birthday parties in extravagant costumes that emulate perfectly the character she is representing and other exciting opportunities. Nichol received a devastating blow when she was diagnosed with hormonal estrogen-based cancer. Her story of lifting up others through insurmountable pain, will inspire readers to reach beyond their obstacles and live a life of self-designed greatness.

Sometimes times in life, we are caught off guard in a way that shakes us into pure emotional helplessness. The individual who personifies courage in the face of defeat, is one in which we all strive to be. Mary Grace Nichol has achieved this feat with grace, and confidence in how much she can endure. Nichol disclosed that her experience taking birth control pills and not having children may have wreaked havoc on her body. She developed swelling in her left breast, and bravely faced necessary treatment in chemotherapy sessions. Nichol’s perspective though surpassed any negativity that could have consumed her. Throughout the intense time of trial Nichol made the decision to live her life on her own terms. When asked what kept her into slipping into a dark place during her battle with cancer, Nichol stated that she befriended all of her nurses! This brought comfort and a support system that helped strengthen her resolve to conquer this disease. In addition to forging these unforgettable relationships with the nurses who cared for her, Nichol remembers fondly her number one advocate, her mother. “My mom was always a very giving person” stated Nichol.  Nichol’s mother had battled a run with cancer and has since passed away, Nichol lives her life with a calming assurance that her mother is still with her every step of the way. She also leans on the close friendships in her life in Debbie, Tracie, and even her boss Beth.

The inner passion that Nichol feels for her mother’s memory lives on through her  charitable contributions today. One of her most cherished events that Nichol’s hosts is one in which mothers who have had breast cancer to come and do artistic projects such as painting pumpkins. This is a time where those who can relate to the struggles of having had breast cancer can come together in with a sentiment of solidarity, and to remember they are not alone. Nichol offers a valued piece of advice for these women, and anyone else whom needs to hear it. “Everyday is a gift, and I try to help anyway I can,” states Nichol. This is a touching reminder that no matter the obstacles being presented to us, we can still lend a helping hand to others. Nichol also aligns herself with another worthy nonprofit called Alina’s light, which assists those who are affected by domestic violence, through education. Nichol, in true givers fashion, chose to help out and dress up as Elsa at an event held through Alina’s Light.

From the ages of 12-18 Nichol reveled in the chance to participate as an art student, taking lessons and learning so much. The skills she acquired through these lessons were not kept to herself. Currently, Nichol is teaching children art courses through Batavia Studios, where she also performs in theatre. Her most recent performance was playing Tanya in the musical production, Mama Mia. Nichol took to social media to thank cast members and the friends who came to watch her light up the stage! “The little voice inside that sometimes caused doubt was always cancelled out by the love and support of my new friends and some of my dearest loved ones,” stated Nichol. 

The future is looking very promising Mary Grace Nichol, as her heartfelt efforts in a variety of ways, benefit so many! Nichol’s words are encouraging when she tells others, “Don’t let anyone take your style from you. You don’t have to be like anyone out there.” This is advice that can apply to so many areas of life. The way Nichol designs her tomorrows will be a sight to see! 

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