Making a splash in the media world was inevitable for Dr. Shellie Hipsky, the editor-in-chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine.

Originally a special education teacher and then a tenured professor teaching future teachers how to reach and empower their students, Dr. Shellie has always had a heart for helping others. During her time as a professor, Dr. Shellie started her radio show Empowering Women, as well as her TV show Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie to share stories of women who beat the odds and were now helping others achieve. On the heels of her best-selling trilogy Common Threads—books six, seven, and eight of her nine published works—though, Dr. Shellie took the plunge into fulfilling her own dream.

“Inspiring and empowering women all over the world has always been a part of my soul,” Dr. Shellie said. “I support them in their business and philanthropic pursuits by sharing their stories, to bring attention to what they love.” So why not stop with the part time radio and TV gigs? “I knew I had to go even bigger to help these women shine. The world is my classroom, so I needed a global approach. Nothing makes me happier than seeing women succeed. Plus, I wanted more
time with my children and some flexibility to support their dreams.”

So in the spring of 2016, she shed her professor robe and dove into her heart’s work, developing the foundation to launch Inspiring Lives Magazine that summer.
Funny story: I got a call from Dr. Shellie in late June that year. She said she wanted to start a magazine and would like me to be her executive editor. After I practically screamed “YES!” I suggested we get together to talk after I got back from vacation. Dr. Shellie’s response? “I’d like to go to print in two weeks. Can I start forwarding articles to your email for you to edit when you get back?”

It’s been a whirlwind of excitement, sisterhood, and inspiration ever since, for the magazine staff, our contributors, our interviewees, and everyone else whose lives we have touched in the past two years.

Supporting and nurturing others. Feeding our souls and leading with her heart. Inspiring women to make a change, take a chance, and step into the light. That’s Dr. Shellie’s purpose. And we will feel the effects rippling out from her high dive for decades to come.

“Shellie is always a positive and supportive friend. She has helped me immensely by encouraging me to follow my heart and LIVE my dreams!”
~ Crystal Hayward

“When she was my professor, Shellie was also a mentor because she’s an example of a confident woman who follows her passions.”
~ Dr. Monica Filippone, English Teacher

“I first met Shellie when she interviewed me on her TV show Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie. Since then, we’ve partnered for Mommy Makeovers, personal shopper volunteering for agency clients, and The Global Sisterhood Mastermind. Shellie is a master at connecting women of like- mindedness and heart! She encourages all to stretch, grow, dream, and make dreams HAPPEN! I’ve watched her and cheered her growth, and she’s done the same for me! We’re part of the Global Sisterhood!”

~Sally Power, Founder & Executive Director of Treasure House Fashions

“I first met Shellie when she was my professor in the doctoral program at Robert Morris University. She was a great professor who encouraged her students to do their best. I’ve watched her transform her teaching from a classroom to across the world. I was very proud to serve on the board of directors for her non-profit The Global Sisterhood. She inspires everyone to follow their dreams, mentors so many, helps connect women across the globe, and encourages everyone to
support one another. She is a remarkable, confident woman who is passionate about family, work, and giving back in so many ways.”

~ Dr. Michele Langbein, Associate Professor of Business at Point Park University & Founder of Leaders Empower Lives

Cori Wamsley is a writing coach and book editor for speakers, coaches, and service providers, as well as the author of eight books, including the bestselling The SPARK Method: How to Write a Book for Your Business Fast. She helps people share their transformational stories by writing brilliant books that build a greater connection with their audience, demonstrate their expertise, and make a huge impact by changing people’s lives.