We here at Makin Wellness love to support nonprofits and charities that give back and support our mission of helping people heal and become happy again. With that in mind, we decided to team up with Global Sisterhood, a fantastic organization devoted to uplifting and empowering women by providing resources and networking for women and girls internationally.
Our team at Makin Wellness then came up with the idea to create the “Global Sisterhood Mental Health Awareness Day.” What is Global Sisterhood Mental Health Awareness Day? This is a day we want to highlight sustainable ways for women throughout the world to make their goals and dreams a reality.
As the Lead Sponsor, Makin Wellness, along with other mental health organizations such as Beaver County Pathways and Charity Partners such as Milagros Day Worldwide (which helps domestic abuse survivors) have decided to come together for this day because mental health is so vital.
As Milagros Day World Wide’s leader stated about mental health issues right now for the domestic violence survivors, “Being quarantined during the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic was scary and nerve-wracking for most of us. Now imagine being a survivor of domestic violence or childhood trauma in the midst of such isolation and uncertainty. How do we support each other? How do we cope with triggers and flashbacks and genuine fear of a volatile environment? How do we reassure a survivor that she is not alone? That was the situation that Milagros Day Worldwide was confronted with. With help from the Global Sisterhood Charity Partnership Funding, we were able to set up the necessary infrastructure to transition our workshops and support groups into a thriving and robust virtual network for forty women who are currently part of our 12-Week Healing Voices Trauma Healing and Public Speaking Course!”
At this time, so many of us from our Global Sisterhood Charity Partnerships with homeless single moms at Sister’s Place to all of the rest of us, have needed a little extra care and emotional support lately.
Throughout the day on August 13th, FREE articles, interviews, and resources will be shared that will help you and others with their mental health during these unprecedented times. Make sure you join the FB event page to get the information. on Facebook – Dr. Shellie Hipsky the Executive Director of the Global Sisterhood – will host live interviews with other mental health organizations and providers in hopes to bring about ways to help women heal through difficult journeys. Plus, Makin Wellness and Beaver County Pathways will be donating their profits earned on this important day to the Global Sisterhood 501(c)(3). We hope you will be able to take part in this event with us!
Click HERE to visit Global Sisterhood charity’s website and learn about all the Charity Partnerships and/or donate to great causes.
Outpatient Associate Therapist, Colby Yu works at Makin Wellness. Outside of healing, he does work within the Health Professions Program at CMU, delivering health education programs to peers.