Nationally and internationally bestselling author Sara Makin is creating huge waves in the wellness industry. With her books, TV appearances, successful clinics, and larger-than-life positive personality, Makin is someone you will see a lot more of. She shares with us some evidence-based ways of elevating your mood and more about the work she has been up to!

Tell us about Makin Wellness.

Makin Wellness is premier therapy and coaching centers. We are devoted to helping people heal and become happy again. Makin Wellness currently has locations in downtown Pittsburgh and New Kensington, Pa., as well as a virtual office where we can meet with anyone in the world! We specialize in depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, trauma, medical marijuana, relationship counseling, and more. Our clientele is mostly business owners, major executives, lawyers, politicians, and others in high-profile and high-stress jobs.

You have been very involved with medical marijuana. Tell us about that.

I have always been about natural and effective modes of healing. When I learned about medical cannabis and how it can be a tool, I was excited to incorporate it into treatment. We conduct evaluations to assess if people are a good candidate for it and help people get their medical marijuana cards in the state of Pennsylvania. We are able to assess for anxiety, PTSD, and Opioid Use Disorder to help people get their cards; hopefully, the qualifying condition list will grow so people struggling with other mental health conditions can have access, as well.

What inspires you?

Love is what inspires me more than anything else. Love is the energy that helps people heal. Love in all its forms is so beautiful to me. If more people were actively engaged in the journey of self-love, the world would be a totally different place.

What are some ways of boosting your mood?

One of the most powerful ways of elevating your mood is by walking outside every day with good posture. Be sure to look up and out. Wear natural or no sunscreen and the least amount of clothes that you can so the sun’s rays can hit your skin directly. While you are walking, practice diaphragmatic breathing. Doing all of this together on a daily basis will improve your mood.

Could you share some words of wisdom?

Your quality of life solely depends upon the quality of your thoughts. Are your thoughts encouraging you or bringing you down. Do you look for the gold or the dirt in life? Your perception creates and interprets reality, so it’s imperative that you work toward improving your thoughts.