As I was approaching 40, it was a time in my life when I was happy but also craving much more.

Maybe you can relate? Perhaps you’ve had a moment where you have accomplished so much and yet not enough?

I was on the TEDx stage, published books, won many awards. The biggest accomplishment was the mi­raculous birth of my daughter after being told I could not have kids. Happily married going on 19 years, I must confess that it was not always happy. The begin­ning had BIG challenges. So big that we did not want to stay married. That is a whole other story. This article is about inspiration and how it all came about.

My ultimate purpose is to give people a hope, be a good wife and mother. People know me as a connector, supporter, and protector. Every company I create has to align with my purpose. My mission is to make a posi­tive impact in someone’s life, big or small.

This has been accomplished over the years in my marketing agency. But again, as I approached turning 40, I desired to learn so much from women all over the world. My hot topics and thoughts were looking good, feeling good, and making the most out of life.

So this urge was heavy on me for a very long time; what wisdom do women around the world have who are 40 and older? I have to say I did choose the term “40 and wiser:” it feels and fits much better.

When I started on the journey of reaching out to women, I never realized how much of an impact their wisdom would have on my life! The wisdom was so profound that I continuously think about it to this day—every day.

I’ve also discovered the book is for women of all ages. Advice by one woman is amazing for teenage girls globally. She stated that often when a boy tells you he “loves you” he really wants to get into your pants, which is a powerful commentary.

Another woman says her day starts with so much buzzing around in her head on what she needs to do for the day. She shifts her thinking and shares how much of an impact this has had on her.

One woman from NY is a doctor who is living life to the fullest dancing and serving the community. She shares her wisdom.

Then I read the wisdom from my book to a woman who is highly connected and influential. I wondered what her response would be? To my surprise, she started crying! She was so happy to hear such impact­ful words!

Then a gentleman report­ed crying. He reported he always looked for words of wisdom to share with his daughter, and he finally found them. The good news is the tears were tears of joy.

My other mission is to have the book be free and gifted to people all over the world. Go grab your FREE copy at, and share your favorite wisdom that inspired you today!

Jessica Peterson is an entrepreneur who is a connector and supporter serving with purpose. She is the founder of Knot Brothers and the Customer WOW Project.