Our mission is for everyone. Aedyn’s Backpack Club Foundation (ABC) is a non-profit organization spreading the ripple effect of kindness while building collaboration in our community and communities across the nation and even worldwide. 

Aedyn has also taken his pain from being a child with challenges who was bullied and turned it into passion! He’s extremely passionate about his love for cars. He does car reviews for Winslow BMW, Audi, Mercedes here in Colorado Springs. He also reviews cars for Mike Ward Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, AstonMartin, Alfa Romeo, McGlaren, Maserati, and Infinity. He has a marketing agent who helps run YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook media under the title “Aedyn’s Luxury Car Clips”. It’s great that he can show the world what he loves as a young teen. 

Beyond his love for cars, he’s giving back through his backpack program. Aedyn’s idea on his backpacks are a bit different than you may think. His idea and vision is to have a drawstring backpack with a journal or notebook with his logo and a pen with his logo to write a letter of encouragement to someone who feels defeated. Who’s being bullied, abused, or has been and is healing. Whoever receives his backpack, he would like for them to find someone and write a letter of encouragement and tell that person to find another person and do the same. It’s the pay it forward method. He would like to cause the ripple effect of kindness.

His idea transpired from a wonderful teacher named Ms. Mariah Banko. She heard about Aedyn’s story and decided to create an anti-bullying curriculum for her two 5th grade classes. She incorporated Aedyn’s story into it. By Spring Break she had all 60 of her students sending Aedyn letters in the mail. We had no idea. This was a huge surprise to both of us and that what Aedyn’s turning point. He said those letters really uplifted him. 

From that point he said, “Mom, can I create a center of kindness?” I said “what do you mean by that Aedyn?” He explained by saying, “Well, there’s so many kids getting bullied and abused these days I’d like to create a center where kids can come to relieve some stress for a few hours before they go back out there and get bullied and abused again.” He had so much detail as to what he would put in his center. Everything from a gym, library, art room, music room, gaming room, movie room, pool, safety classes, counselors, he even said, “safe adults”, and so much more. 

Aedyn said, “Mom, we need everything we can think of because we’re all different.” He elaborated, “Someone may want to go to my gym and exercise to relieve their stress. Someone may want to go chill and listen to music, read a book, play a game, or just talk to someone. I just want kids to have a safe place to come to for a safe space a few hours after school.”

These were thoughts of my 11 year old son, at the time. To say I’m proud is an understatement! He took his pain and chose to turn it into purpose and passion. I said, “I can’t create you a center. Can you give me a smaller idea?” That’s when he came up with his backpack idea. From Ms. Mariah Banko and her two 5th grade classes. We are forever grateful for them and will never forget them.

If you would like to support Aedyn on his mission to provide backpacks for kids with tools for journaling and more visit his Facebook Page or email us directly at aedynsbackpackclub@gmail.com