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Abigail Wald is the parenting mentor every mom and dad deserve to have in their back pocket, specializing in the framework that helps parents piece together the puzzle of their families with confidence. Abigail helps parents get the support they need and deserve so they can move beyond power struggles to truly connect with their kids, and build a family that works for everyone in it. Instead of being held hostage by their children’s behavior, parents learn to read the cues, and then know exactly what to do about it, making even the most strong-willed children eminently “parentable.” Combining her degree in Communications from Northwestern University and her twenty-year career as a voiceover artist, Abigail has created two parenting podcasts, Mother Flipping Awesome and Hand in Hand Parenting - with almost a million downloads collectively. Abigail is also the founder of the YES bar, a grain free, paleo-friendly snack bar, originally conjured for one of her son’s with food sensitivities. She’s an avid dog lover and research enthusiast.