As an entrepreneur, I know the challenges of staying positive in this very challenging profes­sion. One of my closest friends has seen these challenges and asked me, “How did you know that owning a business in personal development was your true path? How did you know you could be successful at it?” I told her that something inside of us always knows. I also told her that we need to shift our mindsets from an “I can’t” to an “I can, and I will!” I also reminded her that nothing worthwhile is easy and that what keeps me in the game is the sense that I am fulfilling my purpose.

Today, I want you to reflect on your BELIEVE mindset and how it can catapult your dreams and desires in your life and business! Here are the five steps to activating a BELIEVE mindset!


What makes you come alive? What brings you a sense of meaning? When you see yourself five or ten years from now, what do you see? I love to envision what I will be­come in ten years. I am excited to meet that woman, but I am very much enjoying who I am right now.

In my future, I only expect wonderful things. I want you to only have positive results for yourself. Don’t focus on how you will get there or possible failures. Believe in the joy and fulfillment that the future will bring!


Affirm all and any crazy desire you may have! Affirm that you deserve that dream for yourself or business. When you affirm something, there is a sense of conviction, a sense that no matter how long it takes, how hard it gets, you will persevere! A BELIEVE mindset never backs down until that dream comes alive!


Not until I was able to silence myself, did I discover myself. This voice is your true voice! Listen attentively, be­cause it knows more about your dreams and goals than you do! This voice will remind you of your strength, and what you are destined to become. I used to neglect this voice and would let the chatter and noise of the world dictate my next move, but I no longer seek that noise. Today, this voice has become my guide and my compass.


Dreams and desires are never accomplished without work, dedication, and commitment. When you take ac­tion, you fuel your dreams and desires into reality. It’s not just about you “hoping” for something amazing to happen. It’s also about action. When you put action into your dreams, your com­mitment, and dedication show. It is also a reminder that you are deserving of everything that you have coming to you.

As I took charge and pursued my desires, I re­alized that I truly love the woman I am becoming. I have developed more confidence and patience with myself and love it! You need to discover this for yourself!


To have a BELIEVE mindset, you have to be patient and hold the VISION. There will be stumbles and falls that are destined to prepare you for the peak of the moun­tain. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight! As you climb that mountain, remember to also enjoy the journey, because that is where you will spend most of your time!

Remember, you need to believe in yourself, so your life’s desires come alive! Until next time, BELIEVE. CHANGE. BECOME!

Nancy Salmeron is a personal development coach from California who founded the coaching company Believe. Change. Become.; her mission is to help individuals identify their passion and persevere with their life’s purpose!