The once simple and mundane task of cold-calling potential consumers has evolved into countless opportunities for salesmen and -women to market their products and close a sale.

Thanks to our technology-driven world and the ever-expanding ways to communicate glob­ally, the salesforce has faced great new opportu­nities, and challenges. Because technology has allowed consumers to be more informed than ever before, product referrals have opened up to include social networks and multiple online product reviews. While industry leaders still highly value the 3 “P’s” of marketing—prod­uct, price, and promotion—challenges abound where consumers can receive information about a product, read reviews, and make a purchase all without the need of a salesperson.

So how can a salesperson survive in this fast-paced new world of tweeting and search engine optimization? The answer is very simple: rela­tionships. Taking it back to basics and focusing on the consumer rather than the sale is the key to relationship marketing.

There are many ways to maximize the value of a purchase and to personalize a buyer’s experience, but building a strong relationship with a consumer can both increase the likelihood of their future purchases and lead to advocates who are passionate about your brand and want to share your product with others!

When I interviewed direct sales consultants, they made these three things clear about sales:


Be genuine, and be in action constantly.


Good customer service is a must. Focus on your client and NOT yourself.


Don’t assume.

As an event promoter, I have spent the past 10 years working with hundreds of direct sales consultants and have interviewed many leaders in their respective fields. It is clear to me that the most successful salespeople are those who value their relationships over their sales and that building those relationships is the key to navigating the mean streets of sales.

Valerie Lerch, BS, MBA trained in marketing and is the corporate and promotional event planner of Posh Events by Valerie.

Valerie has always had a passion for planning and organizing events. While completing her Bachelors of Science in Psychology as a young adult, she spent many years working for a banquet facility which provided her with a foundation for organizing and producing numerous types of events. Valerie planned her own wedding with over 500 guests and has always been inspired to help others with organizing and planning their own events. She has spent over 12 years working with children and adolescents with special needs, and has always offered her assistance in planning both corporate functions and promotional events for the organizations she has been employed by. Valerie has an MBA and a Masters in Marketing.