By Kara Peters

Enhancing the reality of our lives is a goal of many individuals. One area we can begin and grow, with limitless possibilities, is in the world of business. The beginning of a journey toward the implementation of your business can be quite scary. There are many obstacles to overcome and confidence levels have to be on point, to achieve desired results. Working on collaborative efforts is crucial to learning, in addition to seeking the advice of successful entrepreneurs. Receiving inspiration and insight on these endeavors can be found in the book, Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants: Entrepreneurial Secrets for Creating Your Dream Business and Brand by Dr. Shellie Hipsky.

So many questions are answered on each and every page of this book! The reader is able to grasp concepts that will allow growth and ideas to permeate their very thoughts. Dr. Shellie gives sound and solid advice for her audience to take to heart in a motivational way so the reader will want to execute a plan and go for their dreams!  What makes this book a true gem to own, is that the information absorbed will be a true asset to the lives of so many. Dr. Shellie takes the reader through her journey of what it took to become a CEO of a media company, Inspiring Lives International. This move set a precedent for her purpose to come to fruition and  impact so many on a global scale.

This book is laid out to allow the reader a personalized experience, giving the opportunity to list out their own circumstances and really focus on what areas are in need of improvement. Contributing to this effort to assist eager entrepreneurial individuals are professionals, who were selected personally by Dr. Shellie, in the hopes of igniting the passions of the audience. She found it imperative to “dig deep to figure out what worked for the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.”  As a former tenured professor, Dr. Shellie is an expert at identifying effective methods to planning a course of action and seeing them become reality. The concepts of hard work, determination, and dedication are emphasised clearly as the way to succeed at whatever your heart is leading you to do. These are traits that are embodied by those who achieve their highest goals imaginable.

Dr. Shellie has a purposeful desire to help others and has poured her heart and soul into the pages of this book! Showing up fully in your own life can be energizing, and Dr. Shellie’s Success Secrets can help you advance into the most exciting phase of your life! Clear that clutter in your mind that is holding you back and grab your copy of Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants today to be on your way towards business and branding success!