There are times when discouragement and insecurity abound when it comes to our self-worth. For Fara Montgomery, she felt this at a deep level. Her struggle to maintain a healthy weight has been ongoing for much of her life. In fact, she revealed that she, “wanted to hide her story because of shame.” This is a difficult hurdle to overcome, because we are all our own worst critic. However, Fara has flourished in her desire to gain health and a career she can be proud of.  

Leaping into an acting career can be exciting, yet overwhelming to say the least. There are so many expectations that one has to try to elevate themselves too such as their physical appearance. She weighed in at 308 when she was only 24 years old. After Fara really started wanting to be on camera, she stated that, “she sees herself as obese all the time. I just want to leave my past behind.” For Fara, learning taking necessary steps toward weight loss for her career and personal confidence was incentive to decide to undergo surgery. Once the bypass surgery was complete she lost a total of 160 pounds! Fara has been successful at keeping the weight off due to healthier lifestyle choices. She also is motivated by the desire to be a positive influence to those who are considering a career in the entertainment industry. Currently, Fara is in Paraguay filming a show that showcases the myths of Paraguay. This television show was a hit with the highest ratings in Paraguay until production stopped. Now, after ten years, the series is making a comeback, and Fara is in the works to film the second season. 

Once the filming started back up again, Fara said adapting to the changes from taking precautions from Covid-19 was slow. They have to be tested before every scene to ensure the negative results for everyone involved in the film making process. After this is complete, she hopes to return to the United States, as much as she loves being in Paraguay. Fara had to stay in Paraguay longer than expected due to Covid and is anxious to come back home. However, she absolutely loves the people of Paraguay and relayed interest in how their government is run, as it is very similar to that of American government. 

Not only is Fara a powerhouse Actor and role model, she also is an incredibly talented singer. She has released a Spanish album that is eccentric dance music. Delving into the world of music has allowed for such abundant and welcome feedback from her fans, which helps to increase her confidence, and value her self-worth at a whole new level. Fara’s music is sure to uplift your spirits.

Another exciting pursuit Fara is involved with includes directing three music videos. She states that in her music Fara, “uses acting to tell a story, beginning, middle, and end.” Fara has become a consistent spectator of humanity as well, as she says that, “acting comes from observation.” 

Through all of her impressive achievements, Fara also has additional interests and skill sets that she loves to engage in. These include martial arts, fire arms training, and even an aspiration to one day experience skydiving. After a lengthy discussion with Fara and learning about her exceptional
thirst to bring about hope and her desire to set a strong standard for living your best life, I have no doubts she will move forward with her skydiving venture.

We all have people we look to for guidance and advice, and Fara is no exception. Her message is one of unfailing principle. Fara says, “I always tell people I am not perfect, it isn’t easy, and you are doing great right where you are at. She also goes on to remind us that we, “need to enjoy the moment we are in, to feel at peace.” This deep perception is one in which so many can relate too. With all of the chaos and fear that has submerged everyone’s physical and mental health globally in 2020, having these thoughts to remember are necessary and comforting. When you are going through the most intense storms 

in life, take the time to stop and look to inspirational figures such as Fara, to help bring on the realization that there are better times ahead.

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