Zai Miztiq started a henna and body art business years ago. In April 2005, a major car accident almost left her paralyzed but she was determined to return to a life she loves and aspired to inspire others. Her business had given her the opportunity to travel the world, and suddenly, she was grounded.

“Before the accident, I did so many things that I love. I did a lot of makeup, was a model, and did henna art. When I was only 20, I brought henna art to Japan and completely fell in love with the country. I started training my friends and others who wanted to learn about doing henna art and expanded to corporate and bridal events.” That’s one reason why she wrote her first book, Turn Your Passion to Profits, which is now a key tool in her life coaching and business workshops and has opened more doors for her to speak and share her experiences.

After the accident, though, “Life came to a standstill. The doctors said there was a 95% chance that I wouldn’t be able to walk again.” Physiotherapy and courage helped her regain her ability to walk, but it was “scary and difficult.”

Miztiq considers the one-year anniversary of the accident to be her “rebirthday.” “I finally asked God what my purpose is, and I decided to start an online business from home since that was the only way I could at that time.”

The business grew to include an e-commerce platform, hijab enterprise, language coaching and translation, and outreach programs, truly turning dreams into reality for her.

After 5 years of running a successful online business, she began to help other women work from home to improve their lives. Next on her journey of lifelong learning, Miztiq wanted to learn Arabic. For 2 years, she traveled through Jordan, Morocco, Spain, and Yemen. The physical travel led to a priceless journey of self-discovery.

Then, she returned to Singapore and was approached by many women who wanted to learn about her travel and recovery and were curious about how they could start their own businesses. When one woman contacted her on Facebook to chat, Miztiq actually ended up talking her out of committing suicide.

That’s when she knew she had to write another book.

Launched in 2016, 5 Things I Love About Being a Woman quickly became an Amazon bestseller, and Miztiq started her speaking and coaching career. “Coaches and mentors got me where I am today, so I wanted to do the same for other women.”

Today, Miztiq is building a network of support groups for women and children through her Step Up with Zai Miztiq initiatives. Her renowned Sisterhood Mentorship Programme helps women discover their strengths and identity, realign their purpose with meaning, and gain confidence and clarity so they can be happy. “I want to help women be the strong, soulful successes they are meant to be.”

Miztiq said that life’s challenges are something you can’t avoid, but in that moment, you have the capacity to decide how to respond to the situation. That is something that will make a difference for you and the people around you. “I decided not to be a victim. I have one life. And I choose to move forward.”

“The most beautiful thing I have learned and am experiencing is that we have the ability to reset and rewrite our lives. Now when you have a blank slate, you have to take personal responsibility and decide for yourself what you’re going to do. And a new beginning can come any time you choose.”

Cori Wamsley is a writing coach and book editor for speakers, coaches, and service providers, as well as the author of eight books, including the bestselling The SPARK Method: How to Write a Book for Your Business Fast. She helps people share their transformational stories by writing brilliant books that build a greater connection with their audience, demonstrate their expertise, and make a huge impact by changing people’s lives.