Fashion Designer and Founder – Eva Dixon states, “The Enigma Fashion and Masquerade Ball will be the first of its kind in Pittsburgh by infusing art, fashion, and the mystery of ‘What is behind the masks?’ This is Eva’s first stand-alone fashion after being a designer for 25 years and curating many shows throughout NYC, Boston, and Pittsburgh.”

You can expect fashion, artwork, delicious food and drinks, music and performers, and the focus of fashion on the runway. Followed by our exquisite masquerade ball.

History on the Masquerade Ball:

Surely you can imagine a masquerade ball. Equal parts fabulous and mysterious, there’s something truly enchanting about masquerade balls. They are one night where it feels like you can transform into someone else effortlessly.

Although most have seen images of historic masquerade balls, very few know the complex origins of this type of party. There are  events today that channel the decadence, charm, and over-the-top nature of these events to be remembered.

Masquerade balls first originated in the 15th century during what is known “Carnival Season.” Carnival is a Christian tradition that originated around the year 1200. This Carnival was a time when people would dress up in the finer things. This type of celebration also involved elaborate public displays like festivals, parades, and outdoor parties. They also included people dressing in elaborate costumes and masks – a tradition that became more and more elaborate as time went on. It’s from these Carnival costume parties that masquerade balls first originated.

One of the very first masquerade balls was the “Bal des Ardents” or “The Burning Men’s Ball,” which was held in 1393. This ball was a costume party thrown by Charles VI of France to celebrate a high-profile marriage that took place in his kingdom. The celebration included men wearing elaborate costumes made from flammable materials – if the men danced carelessly near a torch, they ran the risk of starting on fire.

By the 15th century, masquerade balls were a fixture of royal society in parts of Europe with a large Christian population. During the 16th century Renaissance in Italy, masquerade balls became an important fixture in high-society. But there was no place that they were more popular than the Italian city of Venice.

Although they originated much earlier, Venetian masquerade balls became an important tradition during the 16th and 17th centuries. Members of the aristocracy enjoyed decadent parties during Venetian Carnival, where they would dress in elaborate costume and hide their identity behind beautiful, glittering masks. Although these lavish events became stopped for the most part after the fall of the Venetian Republic in the 18th Century, masquerade balls and elaborate masks are still an important symbol of Venetian history.

Why Wear A Mask?

Masks are incredibly beautiful, but they weren’t purely worn for adornment. They were genuinely meant to conceal the identity of the person wearing it. To make Carnival parties even more exciting – and perhaps a bit more scandalous – masks created somewhat of a game for the guests in attendance. People were
meant to guess who was behind the mask, which added an extra layer of fun to the already raucous event. Pair this with the fact that everyone was wearing increasingly elaborate costumes or disguises and you have mysterious event where no one is sure who the person that they were dancing with truly was.

Although they were first worn just for decoration, they eventually played an important societal role as well. Towards the end of the 18th century, Italians used masquerades to blur the lines between different social classes. Everyone’s identity being hidden behind a mask allowed for a refreshing sense of equality among those in attendance.

Masquerade Party

☆☆Masquerade Masks are not required to wear but encouraged at the Enigma Fashion Masquerade Ball.

What to Expect for the evening at the event. There will be music, dancing, cash bar, and (VIP-only food) at this event. When it comes to attire, ditch silly costumes and opt instead for sharp suited looks and beautiful, glittering cocktail dresses. It is a masquerade-themed night, after the fashion show guest will be able to become masked for the festivity. At the closing of the event is when all guests remove their masks, revealing their identities!

Eva Dixon hopes that you are intrigued and that you will join us for the evening of mystery in fashions! We are looking forward to greeting you and sharing the night with you.

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Hosted by
CEO Eva Dixon of I Do Designs By Eva

Thursday, September 21 · 6 – 10:30pm EDT

J Veron Studios

3030 Jane Street 

Pittsburgh, PA 1522

Remember that formal attire is expected; black tie, and gowns are appreciated. Masquerade Masks can be created or purchased and worn by the guests. 

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