Let me preface this review by saying that I love steak. I have some dietary restrictions, but steak is one food I can eat—and one that I also happen to really enjoy. I went to Atria’s for the first time after a particularly long workday and commute when I was absolutely famished.

I sat down, perused the menu and, pretty quickly, I decided to try their steak. I ordered the Angus center-cut filet with smashed redskin potatoes. My dining compan­ions, being just as hungry as I was, ordered a flatbread to get us started.

After the pressing food issues had been addressed, I picked up the drink menu and was pleasantly surprised by the huge selection of cocktails and wine that Atria’s offers. My eyes landed on the strawberry Bellini marti­ni, and I was instantly sold. We were eating at the bar, so I was able to watch our friendly bartenders John and Tonya make this delightful, pink creation right in front of me. Strawberry vodka, freshly pureed strawberries, champagne, and a sweetly sugared rim all combined to make this cocktail taste just as wonderful as it looked. If strawberries and champagne aren’t your things, Atria’s has a long list of creative mojitos, margaritas, and signature cocktails.

Shortly after our drinks arrived, our Margherita flat­bread came out. It was delicious, with a light, but not too-thin crust—it was exactly what I wanted. We split it, but it was so delightfully cheesy that I could’ve probably downed it all myself.

As we chatted and finished up the flatbread, our meals arrived. After my long day, I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying meal to finish it with. As I stated previ­ously, I eat a lot of steaks, and Atria’s really impressed me with this one! It was cooked to perfection and was so tender that I could’ve cut it with a butter knife. I ordered it to be cooked medium, which so often leads to steak being dramatically over or underdone, but this particular steak was perfect. It was soft without being fatty, and sea­soned to perfection. The redskins on the side made for a classically delectable combination.

With good friends around me and a wonderful meal in front of me, suddenly, working late on a Friday wasn’t such a big deal!

Location: Pleasant Hills

Price Range: $11.00–$30.00

Dress: Casual

SOURCEPhoto: Atria's
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