Girls, on Film is a fanzine about 80s movies. Zines (pronounced “zeens”) are self-produced publications that take many forms. Fanzines are a category of zines surrounding a particular fandom. For each issue of Girls, on Film, we discuss eight 80s movies related to a theme. We provide a mix of commentary, review, analysis, and history, and we do just about everything ourselves: writing, editing, design, and marketing.

We started the zine in 2017 after toying with the idea of collaborating on a creative project. We wanted something to do for ourselves, outside of jobs and motherhood (Janene), and zines seemed like the best fit. Janene had worked on several since high school, Stephanie had a background in writing and editing, and we both love 80s movies. 

Our main audience is people who like movies or enjoy 80s pop culture. We write about all kinds of movies, and our essays touch on a variety of issues while incorporating our own brand of humor and snark. While we don’t solely focus on depictions of women in these movies, it is a recurring theme because we are (mostly) women writers. We’ve created an aesthetic and tone that is unique to our project. So, with Girls, on Film, we hope to encourage other Zinesters to do their own thing and get excited about a project that fits their interests.

Even if you aren’t interested in 80s films, we hope to inspire others to move forward with their own passion project. For aspiring writers, artists, and photographers: consider starting your own zine. Zines may be one of the most accessible mediums, and there are absolutely no rules. You are in full creative control and can express yourself in any way you want. 

We are constantly amazed at the longevity and success we have had with Girls, on Film, considering it started as a hobby. To date, we have published 16 issues, worked with numerous guest writers, and participated in events around the world. The zine community is super supportive and has helped us connect to so many interesting people and projects along the way.

The future of zines is bright! Zines have been around for decades, but there has been a resurgence in recent years, particularly among young women. There are Zine Fests happening all around the world. With the ability to create both online and in print, Zinesters have a variety of platforms to publish their work. And, since zines provide a safe space for people who might not have a voice in mainstream culture, zine popularity will only continue to grow.  

In terms of Girls, on Film, there is a wave of 80s nostalgia happening right now that has connected us to a younger audience. The popularity of shows like Stranger Things have introduced Gen Z to different forms of 80s pop culture, and it’s exciting to find younger readers who enjoy our essays. Check out our website ( where you can find our social media info and read our issues online.

Stephanie McDevitt is a full-time editor and occasional freelance writer and editor. She has a Masters degree in English and an undergrad degree in Theater, which both come in handy when writing about movies. Stephanie loves most cheesy 80s movies and counts Ernest Goes to Camp, Adventures in Babysitting, and Can’t Buy Me Love as some of her favorites. She lives in the DC area with her husband and dog. Janene Scelza is a web developer and graphic designer. She has a Master’s Degree in Communication, Culture & Technology from Georgetown. Janene’s got plenty of favorite movies from the 80s, but it’s stylish indie films like Desperately Seeking Susan, Repo Man, and The Terminator that she loves best. She lives in the DC ‘burbs with her husband and kids.