Imagine you are mid-workout; you look to your side and see a pregnant woman lifting weights – what are your immediate thoughts? 

Best-selling author and personal trainer Charlie Launder is smashing the stigma around exercise during pregnancy with Bumps & Burpees.

“When I found out about my second pregnancy, I knew I was in a unique position to connect with mums-to-be across the world! They’re able to join a fitness class and think ‘Oh, she looks like me. I can do this’. I wanted to show that they are not alone, they are not failing, and I am here to help them feel their best mentally and physically.” – Charlie Launder, Founder – Bumps & Burpees

For seven months now, the Bumps & Burpees community have been following Charlie’s fitness journey while joining on their own. Beyond the physical capacity of the program, the network of expecting mothers share in the day-to-day realities of their situation. Cardio, weight training, and dealing with toddlers walking in are all the name of the game for Bumps & Burpees!

“The style is very authentic so when things aren’t perfect I show that! When my toddler comes in in the middle of a class I keep it in. When expecting mums need to carry things, we show them how to do it safely. I want everyone to see themselves in me and relate to the lifestyle I am leading. ie not perfect, and not luxury. I am a ‘normal’ mum with normal challenges, like everyone else.  I want everyone who follows me to feel like I am a friend going through it with them.”

Charlie’s down-to-earth and inclusive approach to fitness has seen her grow to become one of the communities leading personalities. Since founding Bumps & Burpees in 2014, Charlie has released the best-selling acclaimed book Bumps and Burpees, created and taught on the FIIT post-natal plan, and has become the pre/post-natal trainer on Alice Living’s app.


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Best-selling author and personal trainer Charlie Barker is the reason why women are finally becoming comfortable within both their bodies and mindset throughout their pregnancies. As a powerful online woman’s influencer, Charlie manages to help women through the daunting navigation of pregnancy by both supporting their health, wellbeing, and the importance of mental health awareness. With her fitness program ‘Bumps & Burpees’ being featured in Vogue, Elle Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, Charlie continues to show new mothers how to safely exercise to keep themselves and their babies healthy and happy. Serving as a safe space for women to open up and share their journeys with one another, Charlie is 2022’s answer to both comforting and empowering women and new mums all over the world.