Lacking access to safe drinking water disproportionately affects women and children around the world. Whether it’s the 200 million collective hours spent fetching water every day by women and girls (on average a 3.7 mile walk), the reduction in school attendance due to waterborne illness, or the need for the mother to say at home to take care of sick children, lacking access to safe drinking water is a major barrier of development for millions of women and children around the world.

So, how can we get involved and create immediate change in times of a global pandemic?

Gravity Water, an international clean water non-profit, has come up with a way to make a difference beyond just a donation. On July 18th, Gravity Water is hosting #Walk4WaterDay, which is a free, inclusive, and international event, where participants are invited to walk, run or hike 5 miles to raise awareness about the Global Water Crisis and do something about it. The best part – it can be done in your own backyard and participation is free for everyone.

So how does it work? #Walk4WaterDay has two goals: to raise awareness about the Global Water Crisis and to inspire global community action to create immediate access to safe drinking water and hand soap for at-risk communities. As mentioned, participation in the event is completely free, which takes place through a simple registration process at At the end of the registration process, participants receive a link to an “Awareness Media Kit”, which includes ten images and accompanying text files that provide information on the Global Water Crisis, which can be shared virtually with the participant’s community.

After registering, participants are encouraged to create a clean water fundraising page through a three-click process on the site, which provides them with a unique fundraising link they can share with friends and family to request donations towards their walk/run/hike on July 18th; every $13 they raise provides a child with access to a permanent source of safe drinking water and their family with a 12-month supply of hand soap.

Lastly, Gravity Water is providing all participants with a FREE #Walk4WaterDay T-shirt they can order on the site to wear on July 18th and are providing all participants who raise enough funds ($200 or more) to provide 15 or more children and families with clean water and hand soap with a free insulated Gravity Water Tumbler, courtesy of

As of June 15th, hundreds of individuals in multiple countries have signed up for the event, to participate in this important cause and walk with their global community in support of clean water access for all. The Global Sisterhood 501(c)(3) is one of the many charitable organizations that stands with Gravity Water to support the mission of clean water for the women and children of the world.

So get some friends together, sign up, and make July 18th a day of positive impact at a time the world needs it most! Find out more and register at

Danny Wright conceptualized and founded the International Non-Profit Organization, Gravity Water. He was selected as a finalist by National Geographic Chasing Genius as one of the most promising solutions to global clean water access. Also, he was recognized as a finalist by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) SOLVE Challenge as one of the most promising solutions to global urban community water access. Gravity Water is effectively turning rain into safe drinking water with a brand-new solution to the Global Water Crisis, providing 100% energy-free safe drinking water to schools around the world.