The current social environment in the United States has been very tense especially when it comes to the topic of racism. There has been a great deal of division and varying opinions from every side. Both sides are very passionate about their positions and how we as a nation should respond to the racial unrest.

The citizens of the United States of America hold strong to their perspectives and no matter which stance is taken, almost all agree that a horrific tragedy occurred the day George Floyd had his life ripped away by a police officer. After all, citizens are supposed to be able to depend on police to protect and serve regardless of the color of a person’s skin.

When the video of George Floyd was released to the world, a fire was lit under NaTasha McNeil. NaTasha needed to bring awareness to the issue of racism in a bold way. She wanted to make an impact and garner inclusion.

In a short period of time, she started a group on social media called MAR (Mom’s Against Racism), and the growth has increased to 3,088 members and climbing! This expansion was a bit of a shock to NaTasha, as she said that, “It all started from asking a simple question.” NaTasha simply put up a post asking if there were other mothers who were interested in collaborating to support one another in how to educate their own children about racism. The response was so much more than what she ever expected, as hundreds of people immediately responded.

As a woman of faith, NaTasha holds to the hope that through education and compassion, she can help guide people to a greater understanding of systemic racism and the toll that it takes on society as a whole.

NaTasha is a strong black woman raising two young black boys and she, “fears for them being a target because of their skin color when they are older.”

This is an issue that must be addressed with dignity and respect in regards to what people of color endure in their daily lives.

Around the country, anxiety is rising and many are striving to come together to find real solutions. There is much to discuss and it is imperative that people step up and have the real, hard conversations. Natasha is not backing down and is voicing what needs to be said for the right kind of change to be implemented. She is authentic in her drive to see justice done and to make the world safe, as she leads MAR marches and events to highlight the mission.

The topic of racism is too important to ignore, and is thankfully being brought to attention by leaders like NaTasha and organizations such as MAR. Through collective efforts, healing and restoration can begin as we build new relations between each other, regardless of skin tone or race.

Natasha sets an exceptional example as she includes her husband and children in the marches and her work toward equality. She is a teacher and positive role model for the next generation. Natasha has said that she would like to raise her children, “to appreciate cultural differences.” She is speaking out and standing up for issues that truly matter.

This type of ambition carries to others. Many feel the energy of the momentum with MAR and want to be involved. Support has found its way to the Mom’s Against Racism group. Natasha has stated that Canada and California are looking to create chapters. Their fiscal sponsor and non-profit support is through the Global Sisterhood 501(c)(3) because they have similar missions and both organizations are determined to help women and children.

MAR is an organization that breaks down into county chapters and interested individuals can request to start one in their own community. Those who want to learn more can find MAR on the social media platform Facebook. On the FB page: the events are listed, videos of interviews and discussions are archived, educational materials are provided, and the online community is very supportive of its members.

As NaTasha’s mentor Dr. Shellie Hipsky stated, “NaTasha is providing a voice for good while being an empowered woman who is determined to make our country a culturally inclusive and safe place!” Moms Against Racism is an organization and movement whose time has come!


Kara Peters is a debut author, who has an ambition to soar as a writer. She enjoys reading and writing inspirational and motivational material. It is truly her passion to engage in uplifting projects for others, while always remaining authentic and humble. She is a wife to an amazing husband Joshua, and together they have five beautiful children. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and wishes to pursue a career in writing, in addition to going back to school to study Journalism. She hopes to always be an encouragement to her readers. Connect with Kara: