If you’re a speaker, coach, or service provider looking for an easy, fast way to learn how to tell your story so it engages readers and impacts more people, then Brilliant Books Boot Camp Digital Storytelling Retreat is what you need!

If you’ve tried writing it yourself for blogs, articles, social media, or even a book, you may feel like you aren’t telling your story in a way that calls in those who want to make a change in their own lives. You also know you need to use your story to garner more sales or stake your spot in the marketplace as a known leader.

And you are **so done** with staying silent. Instead, you want a simple, uncomplicated map for telling your story and writing in a way that keeps your reader on the edge of their seats.

  • Without wondering if it showcases who you are and what you stand for
  • Without second-guessing what you’re saying

A lot of advice is available on how to tell your story, but in my 16 years as a professional writer, editor, coach, and bestselling author, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. So, I’ve been teaching keys to storytelling that are paramount to the success of coaches’ and speakers’ books.

I created the Brilliant Books Boot Camp Digital Storytelling Retreat to help you bypass the advice that is mainly for fiction writers and the flat, disconnected strategies out there so you have a wash-and-repeat system to use story as a building block for your business.

Over the weekend of this digital retreat, we will develop your storytelling toolkit so you have a clear framework when you need to tell your story AND have a story in your pocket, ready for your next project. 

You’ll learn how to select stories to tell and build the relationship with your reader by effectively connecting the dots for them, leading them down the path you want them on instead of leaving them floundering and uninspired. Plus, you’ll learn more about elements of effective storytelling, including my Making Time Stand Still technique. You’ll need this to truly immerse readers in your big aha moment and build an emotional connection.

Your new storytelling skills mean your readers will recognize you as a trusted expert who can help them achieve their goals.

The investment is just $350 to completely change how you tell your story and supercharge every juicy nugget for maximum audience connection and empowerment. Your story is worth so much more to you, your future, and the impact you crave.

Telling your story to the masses means empowering and helping those who need YOU and your soul-level magic so you can step into a whole new arena of impact!

If you are ready to turn your journey into an easy path for your readers to follow and build your business by empowering your audience, then the Brilliant Books Boot Camp Digital Storytelling Retreat is for you.


Email Cori Wamsley at cori@coriwamsley.com to learn more or apply!

Cori Wamsley, CEO of Aurora Corialis Publishing, works with leaders who have a transformational story to share. She helps them quickly and easily write and publish a book for their brand that helps them create a legacy and be seen as an expert while building a relationship with the reader. Wamsley has 18 years’ experience as a professional writer and editor, including 10 years with the Departments of Energy and Justice and four years as the executive editor of Inspiring Lives Magazine. She also wrote eight fiction books and one nonfiction book, The SPARK Method: How to Write a Book for Your Business Fast, and contributed to two anthologies. Her tenth book, The Treasures We Seek, will be available in November of 2023.