A collection of stories by Linda Laird Staszewski, We Choose Joy: How 22 Women went Beyond Healing to Create Joyful Lives, features true stories of hope, healing, and open-heartedness from 22 women that will inspire you to seek joy yourself everywhere you go. 

For her second anthology, Staszewski chose to collect stories of women striving for joy, despite the struggles they have overcome. Because word had spread about the first book she collected stories for, 20 Lives Ignited: How 20 Women Over 60 are Creating Success on Their Own Terms, many women had already contacted Linda about participating in a future book, encouraging her to gather stories again. Many of these women shared that they had challenges in their lives that they wanted to talk about, ones that other women would relate to. They wanted to show that, despite their difficulties, they still chose joy. They had overcome and kept pushing forward. 

As Staszewski shares in her introduction, “Difficult times did not define them. They learned from their situations, transcended through the difficult times, grew stronger, and created their own JOY.” 

She defines “joy” for the reader as well, explaining that there is a difference between “happiness” and “joy.” “Happiness is an outward expression. Joy endures difficult times, struggles, and challenges, and connects with meaning, turning them into purpose. We pursue happiness, but we choose joy.”

Staszewski’s own story of overcoming multiple challenges in her life is within this volume. She discusses struggles with infertility and miscarriage, stressors on her marriage, and career challenges that tore her down but ultimately built her into the strong leader she is today. Other personal stories in this volume are by Bea Baylor, Inez Bracy, Rachelle Bryant, Pam Vogt Duffin, Tammy Lyn Fox, Alisa Gannon,Roberta Holdsworth, Dr. Andrea Jeffress, Dr. Sarah Lynne Joint, Christal Lepak. Cathi Gg Mitchell, Tharifa Noor, Remlee Peck, Huong Phung, Cynthia Primm, Stephanie Reagle, Theresa Ream, Taira Ruzzi, Ella Smith, Michelle Walker, and Bonnie Zehentner. The book will be available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com starting on October 12th.

Staszewski’s first collection, 20 Lives Ignited, includes 20 strong, amazing women who have overcome obstacles in their lives to reach their version of success. As an aging advocate, Staszewski wanted to inspire and motivate girls and women of all ages withthese triumphant stories from women over the age of 60. “We want everyone to know you’re never too old, and it is never too late,” she said. “We’ve only just begun at age 60!”

We Choose Joy: How 22 Women went Beyond Healing to Create Joyful Lives and 20 Lives Ignited: How 20 Women Over 60 are Creating Success on Their Own Terms is published by Aurora Corialis Publishing (Pittsburgh, Pa.).

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