“So many women don’t realize how beautiful they are, especially when they have sparse or missing eyebrow hair or lashes,” Rachel Schinosi, president of Cosmetic Solutions, explained. “They feel self-conscious without their makeup, but permanent makeup gives them confidence.”

Schinosi is a state-licensed medical esthetician who has been applying permanent makeup for 17 years. Cosmetic Solutions, a non-surgical aesthetic boutique, has served clients at its Canonsburg location for 12 years. Schinosi wanted to help people realize their natural beauty by perfecting their skin and enhancing their eyes, brows, and lips without surgery. “When the key features of the face are shaped the right way, they pop, and suddenly, you see how beautiful you are.”

Recently, Cosmetic Solutions tattooed the breasts of a cancer patient who had a mastectomy. They also use permanent makeup to replace the lashes and brows of cancer patients who lose their hair to chemotherapy, and they can assist in the repair of some cleft lips and scars.

One of the hallmarks of a successful business is the team you surround yourself with.

“I look for people who are passionate, kind, and talented,” Schinosi said, “like my sister Heather [Hunter, cosmetic enhancement specialist] and Tammy [Gaydos, cosmetic enhancement specialist]. But I also look at how they make people feel.”

Schinosi’s staff also includes skincare specialist Lori Sleva and office manager Renee Glover.

Schinosi got her start where many young girls do: right in front of her own mirror. Typical teenage insecurities taught her to experiment with makeup and emphasize her best features. “I wanted other people to feel great, too, so I made a business out of it.”

Schinosi is not only part of the industry. She is helping it become safer and better regulated, as well. “Anybody can train or be trained in cosmetic tattooing—what permanent makeup is. Fundamental training is only one week long and is often taught by inexperienced artists. So I’m starting a school here, where I can make sure people get the right information. The people I choose to work for my business must complete an apprenticeship after that one week of training.”

Through Cosmetic Solutions, Schinosi wants the public to see that everyone can bring out their natural beauty. “Everyone has something beautiful!”