Are you living an abundant life?

We were all born to live abundant lives.

We were created to thrive and live a life of purpose and fulfillment. But for many of us, somewhere along the way, life happens. Life will throw us a curveball. But we have to learn how to “duck, dive, jump, and push beyond life’s obstacles.” It’s not that obstacles are not going to show up; it is how we deal with those obstacles when they arrive.

The concept of living an abundant life means that we understand that we are destined for greatness and we grasp the fact that we will encounter obstacles along our path to greatness. We have to be ready, willing, and able to confront those obstacles head on and push past them to get to our destined purpose in life. Here are a few tips for dealing with some of life’s obstacles when they arrive.


When faced with a difficult decision or a dilemma, the first thing we begin to do is question our self-worth and our abilities. Life happens. For example, maybe you were fired from a job, not hired for your dream job, or your small business loan was denied. You feel like a boulder just dropped from the sky directly in your path. At that moment, you have to first remember that you were born with every quality necessary to succeed.

It is easy to begin doubting yourself and giving up, but the key is to think the opposite. Remember that you are capable of doing anything. Begin to evaluate other options. There is usually more than one road to a desti­nation. Don’t let self-doubt kick in. Tap into your inner strength, find another road, and move past that boulder.


Oftentimes we can become our worst enemies when obstacles arrive. We begin to have negative conversa­tions in our head like, “I can’t get past this. I don’t have the resources to solve this problem. I am too old. I am too young.” The list of this negative chatter goes on and on, but you have to shut that chatter off. Change the conversation in your head to one of positivity. Tell yourself uplifting messages such as, “I will get past this. I was born to do this! I know someone with resources who can assist me. I am the perfect age.” Oftentimes we have to speak positive life into our situations.


This one is quite simple…Live right. Whatever work we do should be therapeutic to us, yet inspiring to oth­ers. Our work is our passion. It is our voice to the world. When we are living an inspired life and an obstacle arrives, it is our passion that will drive us beyond that obstacle. Our creativity will set in, and we will become determined to get past that obstacle and to keep living an inspired life. We will not be deterred because we rec­ognize that our work is too valuable and too many lives are depending on it. We understand that failure is not an option, so we push forward despite the roadblocks.

These few tips can help you live an abundant life and be who you were created to be, no matter what obsta­cles present themselves. Eliminate the self-doubt. Turn off the negative chatter in your head! Strive to live an inspired life. This will position you for living the abun­dant life that you were created to live.

Shevelle McPherson, Esq. is an author, inspirational speaker, and owner of McPherson Law Offices; follow her on Facebook and Instagram @shevellemcpherson.

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Shevelle McPherson Esq. is an award winning international speaker, a number one bestselling author, a business and life strategist and a successful attorney. Shevelle is passionate about empowering women to shift their mindset and ignite their innate power so they can live fearless, fabulous and fierce lives. She is equally passionate about empowering and supporting entrepreneurs in forming and sustaining successful profitable business entities.