“Write Your Soul” is the Company slogan. Oprelle Publications LLC is something I felt urgently compelled to do. More like, I couldn’t “not” start Oprelle.com.   Young writers were moving me with their soulful words, and I wanted to help them to get recognition.

As a lifelong teacher, my students have affected me along the way a great deal. A few Lines like “I am Temporary,” or “100 Teens Line Up,” Or “Hang your hearts like the heretics they are….” Just stuck to my heart…both inspiring me and healing me in ways I did not completely understand. I wanted others to feel the immediate connection and goosebumps that I did… when something in their writing resonated deep within me.

When that thought about sharing amazing writing grew to Oprelle Publications as an entity, two former students came to mind: Maren Krizner and Gabby Kolencik. Both were particularly good at soulful connections within their writing. I wasn’t at all surprised that they had both gone on to do great things at their universities. So when I formed Oprelle, I brought them onboard. My own kids, Nate, Jenna, and Ty have contributed great input and ideas as well.

Meanwhile, in my twenty years as a teacher of ages 12 through 22, I never tired of the depths of emotion that young people readily shared with me. Yet, I reached a fork in the river and have chosen to ride with the current. Today Oprelle.com not only hosts current poetry, writing, and art contests, but also features new writers regularly. Favorite books are recommended, and inspirational videos help to push new writers along.  Those who put their hearts into their words, matter.

Dr. Karen Croftcheck has her Ph.D. in Philosophy/IML from Robert Morris University. She has been featured on Education Showcase, Cable in the Classroom, and in NEA Magazine. Dr. Karen is the author of The Butter Knife Theory – a book that answers teen questions – and now devotes her time to give platform to young writers. She was named an “Angel Among Us, “and we can’t help but agree.