There is inspiration all around us. Beauty is in full bloom this time of year, and so are you. This is the time to reju­venate yourself. Flowers are signs of happiness, kindness, and gentleness. They represent life as it grows and develops, beginning with a seed and blooming into maturity.

Flowers are colorful just like we can all be if we let ourselves bloom. When you feel free and happy, just imagine the potential in you. When the timing is right and you have finally realized you are ready to blos­som, how incredible life can be.

Flowers come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors just like we do. So let’s bloom together and bring each other up. Loving one another and taking care of each other just like a flower…it needs tender love and care. So do we.

The fresh aromatherapy is so heal­ing and awakening. Many women have a preference of how they would like to bloom. Are you more of the romantic gentle side? You are like an orchid. Are you passionate like a rose? You have classic style. Or are you like a daisy with lots of pop and color? Whatever you are, you are incred­ibly beautiful.

We are fresh, we are colorful, and we are blooming. Believe you can be this decorative flower that rejuvenates itself and brings joy to others. Believe you are growing into a garden with empowering women, and we are blooming together from a seed of happiness and love.

We are all ready to peak and blossom in the right time with help from one another. So go and grow your garden.

My beautiful model Bayley Marie represents us all coming into ourselves. Hair flowing with flowers, butterflies, and signs of life. A mixture of patterns, textures. Rosy cheeks, feminine lips, and playful eyes. This look was inspired by all the beauty around us. Embrace nature, relax and recharge. Focus on you, and change your life. Become a seed that blooms into a beautiful flower.

Jacqueline “Jackie” Capatolla has owned Jacqueline’s Salon and Spa for decades. Jackie wrote the book Shear Dreams. She has also worked with countless magazines and run­ways to get the right look for hair and makeup. She plans on launching a hair product line called “Just Jackie” soon!

Jackie has been in the beauty and fashion industry for over 25 years, starting as a shampoo girl, to an assistant, stylist and salon owner! Being a educator is one of her most rewarding accomplishments. She likes to be able to give back and mentor to the young stylist. She has worked on fashion events, organized hair shows and done editorial work for fashion magazines and Pittsburgh fashion week! Jackie has started a organization for stylists to be able to network and get together for ongoing education. Her passion and dedication doesn't stop there. She was awarded the 2012 BEST BUSINESS WOMAN OF PITTSBURGH. Her goals for the future are to be the best she can be and to live her dreams!