A jeweled princess: beautiful gems, stunning art, and a dimensional look, colorful and vibrant, brought to life by our beautiful model Stephanie. Gemstones and crystals with multiple shapes and sizes in turquoise, coral, and jade, all beautiful and elegant. This wearable art is so perfect for summertime fashion.

Fantasy Makeup:
This fantasy look has a sultry edge. Your makeup and jewels need to complement each other and be bold, bright, and beautiful just like summer. Make a statement, and have fun with it.
For Stephanie’s makeup, we touched up any unbalanced tones with a smooth base to neutralize the skin, blending and contouring. We also highlighted to enhance her beautiful features. Stephanie’s eyes needed to pop and be sultry, so we used a smoky deep green to add texture and dimension. Her lips are a bright, bold fuchsia, and a silky rosy cheek enhances her features. All products are sold at the salon.

Fantasy Hairstyle:
Summertime is all about colorful and vibrant jewels, and who doesn’t love some in the hair? For this look, we wanted to create a burst of gems and crystals surrounding this up style. Her hair is swept up and pulled back, bringing art and fashion together for a stunning design. This look is perfect for a wedding or just to show a unique side of your personality.
This hairstyle was prepped with gel, sectioned, and twisted back with pieces rolled into place. Then her hair was separated to soften the curl, sprayed, and pinned to secure. The gems were specifically placed to accentuate the up style.

This collaboration tells a story of grace and elegance with a unique feel: the colors of summertime and all its beauty. Relationships between jewelry and hair can bring a whole look together. When you want to add some pretty gems, crystals, or stones, be unique. Be you, and be glamorous with some embellishment. Play dress up, and shine bright this summer.

Live your dreams!

Model: Stephanie Scarci Kruszewski 
Photography: Brian Hanna, PhotosOnCall 
Jewelry: Katerina Musetti Designs 
Stylist: Ron Uchul 
Hair and Makeup: Jackie Capatolla, Jacqueline’s House of Beauty, salon and spa jacquelinessalonandspa.com

Jackie has been in the beauty and fashion industry for over 25 years, starting as a shampoo girl, to an assistant, stylist and salon owner! Being a educator is one of her most rewarding accomplishments. She likes to be able to give back and mentor to the young stylist. She has worked on fashion events, organized hair shows and done editorial work for fashion magazines and Pittsburgh fashion week! Jackie has started a organization for stylists to be able to network and get together for ongoing education. Her passion and dedication doesn't stop there. She was awarded the 2012 BEST BUSINESS WOMAN OF PITTSBURGH. Her goals for the future are to be the best she can be and to live her dreams!