Proud Filipina-American, singer Ranella Ferrer, shares her light with Inspiring Lives Magazine in our exclusive feature with this beautiful influencer.

From body transformation to singing sensation, her biggest victory in life is the ability to share her gift with the world! She brings happiness and joy to the hearts and ears blessed enough to hear her perform. And with a voice as angelic as hers, the message can be heard loud and clear! Ferrer walks an intentional path of influence. She strives to help others find purpose, while leaving a legacy of love.

Who or what inspires you in life?

I’m inspired by people in powerful positions who are humble about their status. I genuinely fall in love with beautiful hearts.

I’m inspired by Beyoncé. I actually watch videos of her while I’m on the treadmill! During the beginning stages of filming Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian on E,I’d have my headphones on and get lost watching her do a live show via YouTube. I think that’s how I blocked out the pain from the horrendous workouts I did. As I lost the 70 pounds on the show, I know that I looked to others for inspiration.

Now you are the inspiration! How do you inspire others?

I always believed in leading by example. I’ve been blessed with many great opportunities to open door after door, and I have been given platforms that many people only dream of. On Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian, I shared my journey and showed real results, changing for the better.

Humility has taken me this far. I strive to be genuine when interacting with people and have a great work ethic and focus. I share motivational wisdom on my social media, and I enjoy helping my peers and whomever I encounter that may need encouragement and help.

Being an empath allows me to be sensitive towards people’s feelings. The meanest person is mean because they need more love in their life. So I show them more love! I have a big heart for a reason.

How do you wish to use your gift?

WhenI was younger, I thought it was just for me to give people goosebumps. But now, through my voice, I help people get in touch with their emotions. A few people have told me that they had tears in their eyes after hearing me sing the national anthem. I love that! It makes me so happy that I touch their hearts.

When do you find time for yourself? And how do you like to spend it?

Honestly, I’ve been on the go continuously, working hard on recreating my brand while more opportunities are coming my way. When I choose to have a lazy day, I like to be in front of the TV with a cheat meal like Chinese food or Thai food and a good chick flick.

Why is it important to you to have influence?

In my teen years, I dreamed of being an Asian superstar. Next thing you know, I was booked to open for Keyshia Cole and Nelly, host Stevie Wonder’s radio show on 102.3KJLH, been on TV with a Kardashian, sing for the Lakers, and more. I didn’t think I’d be doing all these amazing things.

People shape their own minds for what and who they want to be influenced by. If I happen to be one of them then I have more motivation to be a greater model. Also, I believe that a great leader knows when to follow, which is why I look up to Oprah and motivational speakers like Les Brown.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I’d like to have at least one world tour with my music. And I would love to have an amazing husband and “mini-me’s” running around. I will be involved in different organizations helping the community and young women in business, as well as being a well-known TV personality.

How do your actions align with that vision?

One thing I’ve been adamant about since I started the music business is being careful with how I portrayed myself. I’ve always wanted to be of substance—beauty, brains, and pure talent.

I think it all comes from being a naturally good person and the way my dad raised me. Capt. Ferrer was militant and embedded respect in us. To this day, he will still tell me if he sees anything too provocative on social media. I want to have a broader audience so I want to keep my image clean on and off camera and the stage.

What would you like Ranella to be remembered for?

I am just a girl from the Philippines who came to America and lived her purpose. Being one of the first Asian Americans to be a household name in the music business is what I strive for. I want to leave a legacy and an impact on the world.

Team Credits:

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