Fulton & Cortne’ Lee Smith have hit the road to equip others with tools to battle the enemy along the grief journey.

This widow and widower connected back in 2012. After losing their spouse the same month and the same year eight months later they were introduced to each other. 45-days later on New Year’s Eve of 2012 their new start began.

God’s Plan Prevails

This was God’s plan, due to the fact each of them had spoken they would never get married again. After 52 years of combined years of marriage, they both felt they had already experienced the best. However, God’s plan superseded the never, and his word is being manifested in their lives “my later shall be greater”. They embrace each moment together to see that they co-create with GOD to build their best lives to help others see the next God has for you can be good.

Pursuing God’s Purpose

They began their marketplace ministry in 2016, after processing their grief and walking the talk they taught to build the Relationship Service Station.  It began with them using their voice on the airwaves as host of “The Master Relationship Mechanic Show” currently over 190+ episodes available via YOUTUBE new episodes stream LIVE Saturday 11 am-noon ET. Which has opened doors to a Morning Show “Making Moves Beyond Loss” which can be heard at 5:30 AM Wednesdays on Praise Charlotte. You can find her first Saturday at 6 AM teaching godly strategies to “Shift Through Grief & Beyond Loss”

God’s Timing

They are aware that COVID wasn’t their catalyst, neither was it the beginning of grief for most of the nation nor will it be the end of grief. However, COVID has made us face the brokenness of our people. While we are out here fixing systems. The biggest fix is internal working on our emotional health working from the inside out. As each of us becomes healed and embraces the tools to navigate grief in a healthy way we become the first reflection of the change we want to see.

After 5 years of serving private clients Fulton & Cortne’ Lee Smith, Relationship & Life Coach opened the Grief Garage to deliver tools of good grief to the nation to process and progress beyond the loss.The Grief Garage will deliver tools to thrive through the multi-facets of grief via an Amazon channel & a free monthly digital magazine. The Grief Garage will offer resources (books, products, and services) that encourage positive progress on the grief journey. The first resource already ready in the garage is a workbook “Grief Will Grow You” and a workshop is available to push through the dirtiness of life: to go deeper into your foundation of the word to keep you in perfect peace + to move beyond loss to live fully and love unconditionally. Coming soon, you can pre-order now, “Grief is Good” Volume I a book that was written to put in perspective that all things have a season, and grief is a time that is meant for our good. Ultimately trying to avoid this season causes one to live in denial and be stuck in parts of the past. Encourage the grief process as necessary and not evil so that we as a society embrace healing and happier outlooks of the future.