Nothing is better than those who are doing what they love, with genuine effort to impact the lives of others. For Joziah Council, there is no compromise in living life in this way. His heart for community is taking Joziah on a journey toward being a helper in every way he can. As a musician and entrepreneur, Joziah’s mission is to bring people together, through compassion and understanding. The emphasis on a spirit of hope is what Joziah stands for, and promotes with each ambition he pursues. 

In a world full of inundating messages of negativity, the best way to combat that, is through those who strive to pour out uplifting efforts into society. Taking that unwavering desire to see the world become a more beautiful place, is of utmost importance to Joziah Council. He is a musician with an inspirational vision to improve human connection. Joziah thoroughly enjoys performing for the city of Pittsburgh on stage, and through busking (performing on the street). Joziah and his band work together to creatively entertain with music that matters. “I want to utilize my platform in the best way possible.” These are Joziah’s words, and his approach to raising awareness in others through the art of music. Joziah and Jessie (his brother) run Sound Council LLC  In a collaborative effort, Joziah and his brother give away T-shirts from their own clothing line at concerts they perform at. According to Joziah this is in an effort to “start conversations to bring people together.” The By Day collection was created by Joziah and his brother Jesse Council. Joziah wishes to relay “a word of encouragement to minorities,” as a sentiment of what his company stands for. A portion of the proceeds from this company (15%), go toward a selected organization true to the heart of Joziah. He chose to donate to Race Forward. The reasons Joziah chose this particular organization are because they are “led by minorities, are a smaller scale organization which are more personal in their efforts, and their leaders know where to appropriately distribute funds.” Joziah also shared that the t-shirts are an excellent way for them to “start a movement.” He believes that “racism wouldn’t be as prevalent if we knew each other.” He really knows how to promote a powerful statement through his words! Joziah’s music is infused with purpose and is multi generational which include sounds of hip hop, R&B, Pop, etc.

The path to where Joziah realized his love for music started in the church, as he grew up hearing Gospel sounds. He stated that it was through these songs that he was introduced  to a, “testament to how powerful music is.” So it stands to reason that knowing the emotional uplift only music can bring to others, that Joziah would want to reach others in this way. Choosing to unite his By Day clothing Line and his music is pure genius and reignites his drive to see  empathy being a prevalent part of changing the conversation in our current society. 

The future looks incredibly bright for Joziah as he plans to achieve some admirable goals. One way to increase donations to the Race Forward organization is through expanding his By Day collection line, which he plans to do this winter. Joziah credits his designer Laura Onuska with excellent skill. He states that, “I definitely would not be able to have the quality of clothes, and could not pull it off without her.” Onuska is a Product Packaging Designer in New York City, and assists Joziah with bringing about a stunning line of t-shirts to choose from. Another exciting endeavor for Joziah is the announcement of his new project, an album to be released in early 2022, entitled Sunfall.” Joziah is truly putting his heart and soul into this album, as he has been “taking the time to make it special for his audience.” His single will be released called “Still Practice” by the end of this year! The impact he can make through this album is far-reaching and essential to Joziah’s intention to find resolution with issues that matter. It will be exciting to watch for this album!

Joziah does have advice for those who feel like nothing they do will make a difference. He says to, “be the best person you can be, use compassion instead of hatred. I would encourage understanding toward others to combat the issues. Don’t downplay the difference you can make as an individual, and together we can make a difference.” He too has felt inferior, and Joziah said “ I have to remind myself not to downplay who I am. I am flawed and just trying my best.” Joziah sees his work as a true calling, and does not want to waste a moment pretending to be someone he is not. He recognizes the significance of a platform built by authentic passion and hard work. The strategy Joziah is implementing creates an environment of optimism. The idea that we can get past divisiveness by personalizing our everyday connections. Truly making an attempt to learning more about each other on a deeper level.

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